But it’s gone. She knows this seller and insists that even if she kills him, I’m afraid it’s all over Wuxing City. Killing him is simple, but after killing him, she can’t explain clearly what she should tell others.

Even if it is the first time to fight with the lich king, he was beaten for a whole month and a half, and his bones were broken. One third of Wang Nan has never suffered so much. It’s really hard to feel wronged, but he can vent it. It’s even worse to kill him. There are so many people watching them and whispering to each other. Their expressions make Wang Nan wish to find a rift drill and wish to die.
"School sister, what’s the matter …" At this time, two people rushed in quickly, and the first person rushed in. Although it was a quick rush, it was still full of momentum.
"What’s going on?" The other person looked a little thin, but his eyes turned quickly and immediately came to ask.
"School sister, what can I do for brother Haoran?" Wang Haoran disdained to look at the people around him, especially at the arrogant kowtow.
"You see, you see how you will be so angry with your pool." Mao Hui said with ingratiation, and then kicked the man kneeling there to stand up directly and skillfully to the peak.
"Don’t pretend to be pathetic and say how to make my school sister angry like this. I’ll give you a good time."
"Miss, please give me a break. This bracelet really needs three thousand pieces of stone ….." The man was shaking at the moment and knelt down again after being kicked up.
"Hum" that Wang Haoran seems to find something wrong. Suddenly stare at that person, and instantly lock this person. If he wants to move again, he can’t.
At the moment, Lin Dong has also arrived, and he is not in a hurry to go in, because this matter is obviously pushed by the waves. At the moment, he also searches to see if there are others in this store, and he also inquired about it by the way.
This kind of thing doesn’t need to ask others to directly take out that Zhang Ya and input some power to that communication lingshi to stimulate it immediately.
"Distinguished guests don’t know what can be done for you." Zhang Ya’s voice then sounded.
"Call me Lin Shao. I want to ask who is the nearest store specializing in selling ladies’ jewelry from your restaurant." Lin Dong, who doesn’t meet in life, is becoming more and more careful at the moment, but after the communication is convenient, he still said a name.
"You mean that jewelry store. It’s called Ouyang family. That family owns a small country with a population of about thirteen million. The strongest person in their family is a six-strong fugitive, but he hasn’t appeared in these years. There are two businesses and a small shop in Wuxing City. In addition, this jewelry store has some level of management. If Lin Shao needs anything, I can let people contact them directly."
"It’s okay." Lin Dong said, it’s not difficult to control the border home in a small country like this, but it’s impossible to let them go against the Wangs, and he shouldn’t have left so many tails if he looks at the waves laughing so smugly, lewd and insidious over there.
If the owner of this shop hadn’t instructed me to add this person at this time, then the problem would obviously be the clerk.
At this time, Wang Nan has been talking things out intermittently. Both Wang Haoran and Mao Hui are showing difficult expressions. For these core brothers, 3,000 pieces of stone is not a big fortune, and it is only half a month’s money. This is still the family’s money, not personal income.
"Dare to frame school sister? This matter is not over with them. Immediately, your master will call me out." Mao Hui’s eyes stare and he is full of momentum. generate has reached the fifth place. His momentum is stronger than that of the people around him. Once again, he stepped back and showed a shocked expression. It is not the kui that the younger brother in the five families is so young and has such amazing power.
"Hum, we Wangs will send you the money. You must have failed to make it clear. Today I will give you 30,000 Lingshi, but let your shopkeeper and the family behind you personally go to the Wangs Manor to explain it to me at this time and then give my school sister an explanation in front of everyone." Wang Haoran said that a card has appeared in his hands. This is the card business card printing of Lingshi of Hengtong Bank.
"Wait" Lin Dong suddenly stepped into it and the crowd in front of him moved to both sides involuntarily at the moment.
Wang Haoran, this method seems to be much better than Mao Hui’s method, but the result is the same. Lin Dong has been paying attention to every move of the waves at the moment. He can’t finish observing his face expression through the window, but he feels very clearly. He is very proud.
"How is it possible …" Wang Nan saw Lin Dong’s sudden stare big eyes, but her hands were unconsciously loose. This is a magic weapon, not an ordinary weapon. The magic weapon flying sword is not happy to sing for a suspension and a half.
See Wang Nan sample Mao Hui suddenly nervous Wang Haoran is frowning slightly "sb? It’s not your turn to intervene in the Wangs’ affairs. "
"I don’t care whether you are the Wangs or the neighbors. I’m too lazy to pay attention to you. I know that Wang Nan is my friend. Your trip is not to help her, but to help her enemies discredit her. I have to take care of it." Lin Dongxiao nodded at Wang Nan with a smile, but this move gave Wang Nan more confidence than coming to the holy land. She never felt a sense of sureness and nodded involuntarily.
Chapter Erqi If it’s a statement
Wang Haoran’s face suddenly sank when he heard Lin Dong’s words, but the imposing manner of holding out his chest and raising his head proudly still flashed a subtle cold meaning in the corner of his eye.
"What are you? Do you know who you are talking to?" Mao Hui looked at Lin Dongshen with a bad look. There are no five family logos. No matter who you are, what he said in his eyes is naturally very polite.
In fact, if it weren’t for hearing that this person might know Wang Nan, he would be more impolite than this.
"It’s all about the brain, but I think you’re afraid that you won’t be white if you talk to you more because the head and cerebellum are estimated to be smaller than the pine." Lin Donggen didn’t pay attention to Wang Haoran’s eyes, and they are indeed the young leaders at the top of the holy land now, but now they don’t take root in Lin Dongyan.
"Don’t you dare to scold me for dying …" Mao Hui was used to hearing someone say this at this time and was about to start work.
"Brother Mao, did you come to help me or do you want to bully me with others?" Wang Nan saw that Mao Hui was going to make moves against Lin Dong, and her face was not changed. Her words were also very sharp. Today, things were too strange, even though she knew that there was a problem and that someone might have deliberately framed her, but she was still wronged and didn’t know what to do.
At that moment, when Lin Dong suddenly appeared, she forgot to ask Lin Donghui, the holy land club, the five-line city. There was only a feeling in her heart that this could finally be solved.
"You are lucky, but things are not over today." Mao Hui gave Lin Dong a hard stare.
"Ha ha ….." Lin Dong disdainfully smiled and shook his head. "After that, you will know who is lucky. I really don’t have time to talk to you now. If you follow your way just now, no matter what the explanation is, even if the store owner and the employee department come out to explain, who will believe them? They dare not help others to frame Wang Nan in disguise from the result. This stupid way also owes you to come out."
When I heard Lin Dong’s words, Wang Haoran and Mao Hui’s face became ugly, especially Mao Hui’s mouth opened to say something, but he felt that his former method would indeed be a real Wang Nan.
"Who dares to say goodbye when I am a member of the Wangs?" Suddenly, Wang Haoran’s eyes demonstrated and no one dared to face up to his eyes. Then Wang Haoran proudly said, "Even if some villains want to play tricks on this matter, how can our Wangs be afraid of their little tricks? Can you have a good idea if he, a secular, says that it is easy to talk to a group of secular people and evaluate others’ lack of strength?"

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