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Demand level 5
Weight 3
Additional rapidity-increase% movement speed
The attribute of increasing the speed of movement is exactly what Cheyenne urgently needs at present. With this equipment, his chances of winning have increased by one point.
Cheyenne suddenly felt a little lighter when he changed his boots. He ran to the wild and turned around, and finally locked the target of this killing. Another kind of 1-level thin-silk thorn demon is a hedgehog-like monster. Their size is naturally incomparable with that of shadow beasts, but their moving speed has greatly increased, and they can shoot their spines as weapons and have the ability of long-range attack.
Cheyenne’s plan is still to lead the thorn demon king to the cliff and then kill him, which is the only way for him at present. After all, there are so many players guarding BoSi, it is impossible for him to kill BoSi safely.
After observing it for a while, Cheyenne quietly approached the Thorn Devil and launched an attack.
The greatest advantage of the Thorn Devil is its speed. Once it breaks out, it can jump to the enemy directly, and it can also launch a stinger with anesthetic effect, which will make Cheyenne suffer the first time. If it weren’t for his super skill, I’m afraid he would be retained by many players on the spot.
Although Cheyenne succeeded in getting out of trouble, his identity was exposed, and he could never sneak attack as successfully as he did for the first time.
After the failure, Cheyenne decisively changed the target and moved to the area where the staghorn monster was located in the north of the thorn demon, and made a surprise attack on the deer king. I didn’t expect this to be successful at one stroke, and there was no first-class master to stop Cheyenne. The plan went smoothly.
The strategy of killing the Shadow Beastmaster is the same. Cheyenne took the deer king to the cliff, and then slowly succeeded in killing the deer king and got his head.
Cheyenne is going to kill another thin silk, but if he finds that the players are more vigilant than ever, he has no chance to return to the level 1 monster zone closest to the novice village, which is also the weakest place for players to guard.
Guarding the first-level thin silk player is just entering the game, and the new level is the highest, and it is only level 3. Cheyenne naturally has no difficulty in facing such a group of rookie, like the autumn wind sweeping away the leaves, killing four kinds of first-level thin silk: chicken king, mouse king, rabbit king and frog king.
But Cheyenne’s good luck ended here. Some people posted a post in the forum calling on players to rally and take the initiative to attack and kill the player’s demon king. This action was named "Hunting the Devil". As soon as the post came out, they immediately received several responses from Tashia players. Teams of players formed hunting teams all over the town of Tashia, especially the road leading to the cliff. It is impossible for Cheyenne to get to the cliff again.
Cheyenne found something wrong for the first time, and he took a look at the forum to see what was going on
The protection of the strange area of thin silk that has not been killed is particularly tight, and it is almost closed. Even if Cheyenne can sneak in without heavy security, he will be wrapped in dumplings once the thin silk exchanges fire. At present, the morale of players is high, and all players who accept it will not hesitate to kill Cheyenne.
Cheyenne, no matter how strong the fuck is, can’t break through from the hosts.
After repeated attempts, Cheyenne was in distress twice, and he was on the verge of death. Eventually, he tried his best to escape. After successive failures, Cheyenne also knew that it was impossible to finish this in a short time, so he took a direct line rest.
Although Cheyenne was online, those players who were alive didn’t dare to keep it all night.
At five or six o’clock in the morning, Cheyenne re-entered the game. He expected that the players would be tired after a night, so he launched a sneak attack and tried to take advantage of the chaos to get another thin silk, but he still failed.
After the first failure, Cheyenne retreated immediately without fighting.
During the day, Cheyenne has been harassing and attacking all the thin silk by guerrilla warfare, but the players are also very quick to respond. They have a strong motivation. Once the enemy situation appears anywhere, they will arrive as quickly as possible, which makes Cheyenne extremely afraid. On several occasions, he almost led the thin silk away, but it was this force that appeared to kill him.
Cheyenne simply doesn’t worry. After dinner, he has been soaking in the game official website to find information. Cheyenne also has to admit that he has to endure in the face of such a powerful force.
This is a strong personal strength, physical strength confrontation, if it is hard, it will naturally be impossible to succeed. Cheyenne must find another way, which is why he is immersed in the net, hoping to find a way to break it.
Naturally, the method of clamping thin silk on the cliff can no longer be used, because the road to the cliff has long been blocked.
Cheyenne looked at the map of the novice village in Tashia, checking whether there was anything profitable.
Suddenly Cheyenne’s eyes lit up, and a plan gradually formed in his mind. Now wait until the field trip in the game.
Cann’t wait to enter the game. Cheyenne goes straight to see the location on the map
"That’s true!" Cheyenne was overjoyed after the field visit.
It turns out that there is a very secret path between the two strange areas adjacent to the first-level thorn demon and the stone cow, which he could not have found if Cheyenne had not checked the map repeatedly.
This path is Cheyenne’s break key.
Cheyenne has successfully entered the Sorcerer Zone through this unknown secret passage, and the different Sorcerer Zones are closely guarded outside, which is relatively lax.
Cheyenne saw this scene and was a little more sure of his plan.
Quit the game Cheyenne set the alarm for his mobile phone at three o’clock in the morning and then fell asleep. At this time, Cheyenne remembered that his mobile phone card was thrown away by Wang Lame, and he hasn’t replenished it until now, but generally speaking, Cheyenne is just a decoration and he didn’t take it to heart.
Wang Lame hasn’t seen anyone since he received Cheyenne’s assignment yesterday. Cheyenne is very suspicious that this product is an old scourge. Did Junior take him to give money to play?
Three o’clock in the morning is a very sleepy time for players in the game. Cheyenne set the action time at this time because he has a deep understanding of it.
After entering the game, Cheyenne quickly recalled the whole Tahitian terrain in his mind, and then entered the Stone Bull Monster Zone from this secret passage. Shi Niu is a monster with extremely strong defense, slightly larger than the ox, and the Stone Bull King is catching up with the Shadow Beast King.
Cheyenne plan is the secret passage to bring the king of Shi Niu and the thorn demon king together!
That’s right. Cheyenne is going to activate these two level 1 filaments at the same time, and his purpose is far more than that.
Chapter 19 Thin silk is my pet
King Shi Niu’s huge black and gray figure has entered Cheyenne’s field of vision far away. Near King Shi Niu, Cheyenne vaguely saw several players, but they all stood still in a remote corner without monsters.
When Cheyenne saw this scene, he immediately fell down and quietly sneaked toward the Stone Bull King. After entering the attack range, Cheyenne did not hesitate to launch an attack.
Shi Niu Wang Zheng wandered leisurely and was provoked, and then his hooves rushed over with a thump, and the Stone Bull King roared and woke the player up. At this time, Cheyenne had run to the secret passage without looking back.
"Tell the others that the king of the National People’s Congress is coming again!"
"Be sure to keep him here this time, or I can’t stand it!"
In the public criticism, Cheyenne has taken the Stone Bull King straight to the secret passage, which makes those players who are on the periphery unprepared. Cheyenne is going to take the Shi Niu Dynasty outside, but it is blocked in the wrong direction.
It was this little mistake that gave Cheyenne a breathing space. He directly took King Shi Niu into the Sting Devil’s area and went straight to the Sting Devil’s location. The situation in the Sting Devil’s area was almost loose, which made Cheyenne find the Sting Devil very easily. When these two thin wires were chasing after Cheyenne, Cheyenne was not only not alarmed but also surprised.
The size difference between the two thin wires is very big, but if someone despises them because of their size difference, they will pay a heavy price. Cheyenne has suffered a great loss in the body of the thorn demon king before.
King Shi Niu’s action is extremely slow, and the demon king’s speed is extremely fast. At this time, the players have been alarmed, and Cheyenne ignored the reaction of those people and directly took two thin wires to the secret passage.
Because it is extremely narrow, even if those players find the location of the passage, it is doomed to be impossible to contain it heavily, and Cheyenne successfully broke through the player’s interception with two thin wires to kill him.
Cheyenne doesn’t move fast. On the contrary, he takes care of himself slowly. The Stone Bull King often moves around the Stone Bull King at a high speed, so the Thorn Devil can’t pose a fatal threat to Cheyenne.

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