"Don’t worry, Elder Jia, I won’t be polite."

Elder Jia Shi’s face suddenly turned from gray to black.
"That’s right." Lan Xiaobo suddenly said, "I remember Elder Jia Shi. Did you ask me to send a message to Uncle Beard to bring her gun?"
There are two cannons on Xiao Wu, one is the Wu Xie overlord cannon in the storage bracelet, and the other is the ultimate cannon in personal collection. But from the mouth of a confused person like Lan Xiaobo, Xiao Wu even suspects that she is thinking about the gun in his crotch.
"yes. Brother Xiao, I also want to see the earthworm knife. Can you show me two treasures? " Lan xiaobo is being
When I came back, I told him that Xiao Wu was a terrible weapon. Jia Shiyi once again talked about the power of Xiao Wu’s two terrorist weapons when the hunting team came back. Elder Jia Shi couldn’t help it any longer. He wanted to see from Xiao Wu’s two weapons what the origin of this magical man was and why such a terrible person would come to Shitao Village.
Xiao Wu drew out the WuXie overlord gun and put it on the stone table and said, "dragon sword is too big. It’s not suitable for display here. Let’s take a look at my overlord gun first. "
Wu Xie overlord gun appeared in front of Jia Shi, and he immediately gasped. The black gun barrel, the heart of witchcraft and the trigger mechanical system, which perfectly replicate the lines, are these what ordinary practitioners in the prehistoric fix-true civilization of 10,000 years ago have seen?
"Xiao brothers, how can I not feel the mana or demon force fluctuation of this overlord gun? What the hell is it? "
"Its full name is Wu Xie Ba Bao. Well, it’s really hard for me to define it." Xiao Wu habitually scratched his crotch twice. "Because it was accidentally made by me during a refining process, I can’t say what it is."
Lan Xiaobo didn’t know that Uncle Beard had plagiarized the fruits of fierce labor, but she saw Uncle Beard’s dirty behavior, which made her feel strange. Uncle Beard only scratched twice, but that place took up a sharp package like bamboo shoots.
Elder Jia Shi said, "So the Xiao brothers don’t know the nature of their weapons?"
Huo Lie once explained to Xiao Wu the production and operation principle of Wu Xie, but Xiao Wu only remembered that this Wu Xie overlord gun could only be driven by his long Li, so even if he wanted to tell Elder Jia Shi, he just shook his head and didn’t want to discuss anything in this respect.
It seems that you can’t see the famous place at all. Elder Jia Shi said, "Brother Xiao, let’s take dragon sword out and have a look. Although this wooden house is small, it is still strong."
Xiao Wu finally took out dragon sword, a huge dragon sword with a length of three meters and a width of two meters. Its terror suddenly startled Elder Jia Shi.
But what surprised Elder Jia Shi most was that Xiao Wulong’s Dao weighed one thousand catties and his overlord gun weighed eight hundred catties. He totally ignored the weight of one thousand eight hundred catties like holding a pair of bamboo chopsticks!
I’ve seen the elder Jia Shi of dragon sword and even touched it with his hand, but it’s still as mysterious as Wu Xie’s overlord gun. He doesn’t feel the fluctuation of dragon sword’s mana or demon power at all. He wants to see the origin of Xiao Wu from two weapons, and this wish has come to nothing.
Elder Jia Shi is still leng Xiao Wu, but he has put away dragon sword and Wu Xie overlord guns and still you’re welcome to drink the fruit wine of Elder Jia Shi.
Wine has a lot in common with women, and it can intoxicate men just like women. Besides fruit wine, Xiao Wu was naturally intoxicated by his four wives. At this time, he thought of being sycophantic and their hearts were melancholy and warm.
Xiao Wu, a sycophant, can absorb the magical powers of immunity to toxins and weakening spells and hex attacks; Xu Qingqing and Xiao Wu can absorb the power of changing skin color and improving physical strength and flexibility; With Tang Lanxiao five can absorb the power of metal and Kaihua; With Qin keer Xiao Wu, he can absorb the crazy power of prehistoric blood clan and make the combat power soar in an instant; This is from the teaching of the hidden dragon tactic, the virtual dragon, which is extremely magical and wonderful, but now Xiao Wu can only think about it. In the world of prehistoric civilization, all he can suck is air.
When can we meet? Shaw five with a sigh.
Lan Xiaobo said with concern, "Uncle Beard, do you have something on your mind?"
"No" Xiao Wu lifted the wine bowl. "Come on, let’s have a bowl."
"You can’t drink any more. Elder Jia Shi’s fruit wine is delicious, but it is very strong. Especially, there is a kind of exotic flower called forgetful flower in the materials for brewing fruit wine, which only works after drinking. People who drink too much will have many inexplicable fantasies." Just a shallow drink three small mouth LanXiaoBo qiao face has been filled with pink rose two hongyun.
"Forgetting flowers? This name is good! We cook three bowls for it! " Xiao Wu and Lan Xiaobo touched their wine bowls with a straight face and said, "I’ll turn my face if I don’t do it."
Lan Xiaobo: ""
Elder Jia Shi looked at Xiao Wu, who was already a little drunk. His mouth quietly float a smile.
"Don’t many skeletons in a man’s closet come out after he is drunk? I’ll let you drink until you’re drunk! " Elder Jia Shi muttered in his heart that he had decided to let Xiao Wu get drunk and spit out some secrets even if he drank all his fruit wine stocks.
Soon. Two jars of fruit wine and two jars of water were placed on the stone table.
Holding a jar of clean water, Elder Jia Shi said, "It’s rare to be happy today. Brother Xiao, let’s make a toast to the fate! "
"An altar? Oh! " Lan Xiaobo hurriedly dissuaded him: "I can’t. You will get drunk. "
Elder Jia Shi immediately shouted, "Don’t interrupt and stay at the children’s house when men are drinking."
Lan Xiaobo: ""
People who can brew fruit wine, the best wine, naturally have a profound study on the wine culture of drinking. Even with the expression and action of the elder Jia Shi with clear water, there is no difference between drinking real wine and repairing with his fairy level to make a drunken blush on an old face, which is simply the easiest thing. Xiao Wu had no idea that Jia Shi Presbyterian Church was cheating in this respect. But even now, he still drinks it.
The wine strength of fruit wine was so overbearing that it was sweet and refreshing. After a few moments, Xiao Wu was a little dizzy.
Looking at the drunken Elder Xiao Wujia Shi, he said slowly, "The Xiao brothers have sorcery weapons, overlord cannons and dragon knives, and we also have a treasure in Shitao Village. It is the treasure of our town and mountain. If the iron golem is used in conjunction with the fairyland mountain protection array, even the ten-level monster beast, the three-eyed ghost tiger or the demon dragon can’t get good results."
Elder Jia Shi took out an iron golem from his storage ring, which was only one foot high but had a life-like appearance. It looks like a lifeless little iron man, but the iron golem has a strong mana fluctuation, so it is not difficult to estimate how powerful it will be in wartime. The iron golem holds a small iron square shield in its left hand and a solid iron bar in its right hand, which is about one-eighth of its body, but its length is slightly over a foot. From this point, it is not difficult to see that it is a strange weapon with both offensive and defensive functions.
Elder Jia Shi continued: "Don’t underestimate that it is only an iron man who is a foot high. Once it is in operation, it can reach 50 feet high and weigh more than mountains! See the stick in its right hand? Although the dragon sword of the Xiao brothers weighs a thousand pounds, it is nothing compared with its stick. I can conservatively say that its stick will be more than ten times that of the dragon sword of the Xiao brothers. "
The iron golem of the protection circle left by predecessors is as strong as a mountain, which can really guarantee Shitao Village to survive in the monster beast prairie where monsters are rampant. It is also worthy of praise. If Xiao Wu heard someone say that weapons were more than ten times heavier than his dragon sword at ordinary times, he would have gasped, but now he just licked his lips and sucked at the wine.
Sometimes wine is really a good thing. It can make you forget something or make you.
Elder Jia Shi said with a smile, "I really don’t know who is better than Xiao Brothers’ sorcery weapon overlord gun and dragon sword, but as far as I know, there is one treasure in the royal family of Sanqing Dynasty that is far above Xiao Brothers’ two treasures."
"What is it?" Xiao Wu asked with a glass of wine.
"the mirror of light."
"What?" Shaw five wine immediately woke up.
Elder Jia Shi said, "According to legend, the Light Mirror was created by the God who was in charge of space and the world in the early days. It is not an artifact, nor a demon artifact, nor a lower-level spirit or demon spirit. In fact, people who have always owned the Light Mirror have never stopped studying it, but it is a pity that no one can crack the secret of the Light Mirror so far."
The mirror of light known by Xiao Wu is a mysterious place similar to the "underground sun" hanging in the land of Shitao fairyland. I have seen many wonders of it with my own eyes. However, Xiao Wu’s understanding of the light mirror is tantamount to nothing. What he never expected was that in this prehistoric civilization of repairing the truth, he not only saw the Wonderland Mountain, which is exactly the same as the Wuliang Mountain suspended in the void in the fairyland of Shitao, but now he heard the name "light mirror"!
Are these things subtly related? Wonderland Mountain will evolve into Wuliang Mountain suspended in the void of Shitao Wonderland after ten thousand years? Will the light mirror evolve into the existence of the underground sun in ten thousand years? Will the great god in charge of space and time evolve into the most mysterious boundless in Shitao Wonderland? Xiao Wu don’t understand. The fire phoenix has elaborated the light mirror subtly in the local legal environment. She thinks that the light mirror is a treasure with the opposite nature. It looks like a huge burning mirror, but it is actually a water mirror buried in the ground. In fact, it is true that Xiao Wu saw a rippling mirror in the stone stage as the fire phoenix judged at that time. Passing through it, we reached the fairyland of Shitao. At that time, Xiao Wu felt that the judgment of the fire phoenix was quite accurate, but now listening to the elder Jia Shi, Xiao Wu had a wonderful feeling that the true face of the light mirror was far from what he saw and heard.
"Xiao brothers don’t just listen to me. Let’s do another altar. "
"Good drink, drink. Elder Jia, go on. "
Lan Xiaobo looked angrily at an old man over 1000 years old and a smelly man with a beard and a hangman’s evil breath. She didn’t object to their drinking. But they shouldn’t ignore the existence of a beautiful girl! Mumble with pouting lips, LanXiaoBo also stuffy head and drank fruit wine.
"Good wine needs to be drunk with frank people like Xiao Brothers!" Elder Jia Shi said solemnly as he wiped the water carelessly flowing out of the corners of his mouth: "There are several sayings about the mirror of light in the world. However, I am only convinced that this is also officially recorded in many ancient books, that is, the light mirror has the nature of "nothing", and a superficial understanding of it means nothing. From the point of view of our practitioners, nothingness is the Tao, which is both true and virtual, and the end of the world is nothingness. This process is also the process of our practitioners’ practice, and it is also impossible to escape this law. Therefore, the mirror of light with the mysterious nature of’ nothing’ has not been able to crack its secret until now, because everything belongs to nothingness, even if the world disappears, then who will have the ability to crack its ultimate secret? "
Elder Jia Shi, who recited the gobbledygook, thought that he would win Xiao Wu’s admiration with a remark, but he only got Xiao Wu’s dirty look.
For Xiao Wu, Elder Jia Shi is undoubtedly telling him that there is no word in the book.
"Elder Jia Shi, please briefly say that its characteristics are that I understand the principle." Xiao Wu said drinking wine.
"I haven’t seen the characteristics with my own eyes, but there are quite a few legends about the characteristics of the light mirror," Elder Jia Shi said. "It is said that it looks like a very ordinary bronze mirror. If it is driven by strong or demon power, it can create a tunnel in which everything will be swallowed up, including time and space. According to this statement, users can travel through the past and the future at will to avoid natural disasters, divine disasters and even explore and practice in the starry sky."
"Moonlight box?" Shaw five slip of the tongue spit out such a word.
"Uncle Beard, what box did you say?" Lan Xiaobo, who is already half drunk, naturally thinks of her box of rouge.
"Don’t interrupt when adults are talking." Shaw five very impolitely knocked on LanXiaoBo head melon seeds.

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