"Well, I’ll search for a" two whew to tianyu brain said.

Immediately, Erxiu opened Baidu’s search road, "An Oolong car accident was a love affair."
Click search, a message will pop up immediately, and two whew, just click one.
The title is Erxiu’s sentence, which is a video, and then there is a paragraph written on the video: "Otto Shao’s female was hit by a red-light vehicle two meters away from the male god’s road, and she saw that it was uneven." How many bitter tears were there behind the car accident, when the driver turned out to be dirty and shirked responsibility, but strangely, the female took off her mask and said to the male god affectionately like nothing happened? Is it a’ shady’ plot or an accident? Is it infatuation or hooliganism? Today’s law allows us to enter a world of infatuated’ female’ children-by Tucao Xiaobian "
Of course, this is not a prime-time broadcast of legal programs. This is just a video introduction written by a small series without a festival.
When Tianyu watched the advertisement for half a minute and saw the video male’ female’ leading role plus villain No.1, the whole bus almost fell to the desktop.
(Don’t wait until one shift is over)
Chapter 6 Feeling deeply rainy
Although the video was shot on a mobile phone, it was not very clear, but the’ quite’ professional lens switching was also quite in place.
The first scene is the picture of Lin October holding Lu Yao’s head, but at this time Lu Yao is still wearing a mask and is in a "faint".
But Tianyu can feel at a glance that the little’ female’ lying in the arms of October should be Lu Yao immediately asking if Erxiu is Liu Yao Erxiu nodding.
Before the second whew, I also remembered Lu Yao and told myself the day before yesterday that I was going to see October today, but the mask was really a little unexpected.
Then came a war of words with the perpetrator in October, and it also caused the audience to burst into laughter. The perpetrator was naturally a villain, and Brother A San recognized it even if it turned to dust.
Tianyu is also stunned because the video started after Lu Yao was hit, and a close-up shot was specially given to Guo Yuche, and the windshield cracked into a small "spider web". Except for the external position of the head, you can guess that Lu Yao was hit lightly.
When I came to Tianyu, I saw Lu Yao quickly take off his mask. At that time, I just finished in October. "Believe it or not, 300 gay men came over and gave you to qiang‘."
If you leave in October and put Lu Yao in the mud …
Followed by Lu Yao took off his high heels and hit Guo Yu. Then he quickly got up and ran to October almost barefoot through mud.
The patrolman arrived
Because the person holding the mobile phone did not move, the shooting angle and distance could not be adjusted. Although the photographer tried to zoom in, the picture blurred as soon as it was blurred, so he immediately adjusted it back.
See the little’ female’ a swoop almost threw down in October … If two people just hug to each other in the drizzle.
But because of the distance, I can’t hear clearly what the two of them said before’ chest’ and behind, so that the photographer can aim the camera at the villain No.1 side.
"Wow! The windshield of the car has been hit like this, and you can still be here, and the injury is not serious and there is no blood. It seems that … you didn’t even have mud marks. Did you just stick it to the windshield after being hit? " Although the policeman glanced at the boy and girl hugging each other, his years of experience told him that the man in front of the car looked like a victim.
Guo Yu rewarded the policeman with a supercilious look. "Are you really like being hit?"
Yeah, right? Lu Yao and Guo Yu are together. Is it clear who was hit? No wonder the police uncle made a mistake.
"Did the person who hit you escape?" "pay" police looked around and looked at Guo Yu car looked at Guo Yu asked.
"Comrade, I didn’t get hit. I am the owner of this car," Guo Yunai replied.
The policeman frowned quite puzzled and immediately said, "This hit person was’ made’ like this. From the point of view of this car, it still hit people lightly. Didn’t the hit person even have ash left? And don’t call me comrade! "
Guo Yu was ashamed and pointed to the distance and said, "Nuo, the girl with the boy in her arms, was just hit by me."
"What is this situation?" "Pay" the police looked at the scene of the deep rain "Meng" and "Meng" and asked with shame.
"I don’t know, but the’ female’ child looks like touching porcelain." Although Guo Yu ran a red light and hit someone, the’ female’ child’s jumping around now just proves that his "touching porcelain" should be lenient from the final treatment.
"Pay" police frowned and said "touch porcelain? How much did she cheat you? "
"This ….. she didn’t speak" Guo Yu one leng seems that the’ female’ child really didn’t speak and didn’t take himself seriously, so he hung in the drizzle …
"Didn’t correct your money that she touch what porcelain? And what do you think of it as if you just ran out of the crime scene? Tell me how to’ get’ this virtue. "The policeman’s sharp eyes scanned Guo Yu and said warily.
"…" People who are unlucky enough to drink cold water will plug their teeth. Guo Yu’s expression is quite bitter. He wants to say it but he doesn’t know where to start.
"Why? I’m not really right, am I? " "pay" easy suspicious way
"I was accidentally hit by a concave convex man when I was not eating at noon." Guo Yu quickly thought in his mind that if he answered, he couldn’t say that he was looking for someone to tidy up himself. At any rate, the master gave himself a way out. After all, the rumor Guo Yu evaporated from the people of wz. It’s not that he hasn’t heard of the situation or that he is greedy for money first. The master didn’t care about himself to death. Now he is not stupid enough to get himself killed, is he?
The police didn’t react for a long time, like watching the 7-star people staring at Guo Yu and replied, "I also watched the concave convex man with the children, but … they played little monsters."
Guo Yu felt a stream of blood in his "chest" mouth, and his throat was almost half dead by this "hand in" policeman.
"Your ya can’t be so naive? Can’t you see the mask? Cann’t you make up your own brain? Do I really look like a monster? " Guo Yuxin growled and then explained to the "pay" police.
A moment later, the policeman said, "Come back with us to assist in the investigation."
Guo Yu is very nai
At the moment, the camera gave a close-up to the policeman, who smiled brightly and put on a scissors hand when he saw someone filming him.
"I went to my public servant. Are you filming a dog blood drama now? Also put scissors hand "Guo Yuxin continue to storm way
Then "pay" the police put away their laughter and shouted at the handsome men and beautiful women in the distance.
The camera immediately jumps back to the hero and heroine.
At this time, in October, the’ female’ child who has hugged her back is a standard princess hug.
The surrounding audience did not cheer and scream, and the atmosphere was instantly detonated. The couple cheered in succession.
This is the whole video. In the end, Lu Yao and Lin lived happily ever after in October …
Ah, hello? Camera … Wait! Who can tell me what happened just now?
Well, actually, Lu Yao hugged from behind, and after October, the thing is …
"I like you" because Lu Yao was much shorter than him after hugging barefoot in October without wearing high heels, and then she whispered in her ear in October.
Of course, Lu Yao can’t see the expression of October, let alone take a mobile phone photographer.
October is a face of horror. It was the first time he was hugged by a’ female’ child. Of course, he was hugged from behind before … There was nothing on his back.
Lin October knew about the physiological differences between men and women, and immediately came to her senses. She was a little nervous and replied, "Lu Yao, don’t make international jokes, okay?"
"I’m not kidding. I’m serious. I like you from the first moment I saw you."
October was silent.
"When you buy Hatsune Hatsune, I help you sign for it, not your father; I put the coffee on the dining table in the middle of the night because I know you are used to staying up at 1: 30 p.m.; I also know that you like pink’ color’ and just decorated my house with pink’ color’, but you haven’t gone in once to see it; I also know that you love to play dnf, and I just played a roaming called’ ringing the bell’ … "Lu Yao said and wondered if the rain made her eyes red.
The stormy’ waves’ in Lin Yuexin finally turned around.
Looking at the mud, Lu Yao didn’t know what to say in October.
But when October looked at the muddy footprints, he immediately said angrily, "Why are you so stupid? Why don’t you wear your shoes to chase me? "
"I have lost a high-heeled shoe before. If I don’t take off the other one, I’m afraid I can’t catch up with you."
"Does your foot hurt?" In October, my heart suddenly felt a needle prick.
Lu Yao also looked back at his muddy footprints along the way and then turned around and smiled. "It won’t hurt if I catch up with you."
It turns out that Lu Yao didn’t know whether he stepped on glass slag or pointed stone. The muddy footprints were mixed with blood.

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