However, it is precisely because of this that we should face up to the strength of Sanyi and strive to kill it with one blow, otherwise we will be bitten by a snake if we don’t kill the snake! We are also willing to believe that the multiplier refined from this material can play a big role.

However, it’s hard for us not to introduce the situation to us. If the hard work doesn’t have its due effect at the end, our morale will be hit hard. At that time, I’m afraid it won’t be easy to muster up our strength! "
"Madam means I am white!" Who avoid where it is not clear that Mrs. tian hu’s heart is really calculating, but now is not the time to explain the power of the universal blade car, which is likely to make these demon families just ease their sense of crisis and raise their heads again, which is somewhat unfavorable to his plan.
This reason is naturally not suitable as an excuse to say it out, but he has already thought about the countermeasures, so he didn’t consider the meaning at all, so he directly replied, "I’m not saying that I’m here to boast the power of this multiplier again, and then it’s earth-shattering. If I don’t find this material of Siling Shenmu or find it, it will eventually fail in refining. Everything is meaningful! On the contrary, it only adds to the trouble! Of course, madam’s worries are not unreasonable. Well, if everything goes well, when I test the power of the multiplier after refining, please ask madam 100,000 mountain demon clan elders to go and watch it together. Then we’d better agree on the plan to destroy Sanyi tribe. What do you think? "
Wei Ji’s remarks can be said to be reasonable. Mrs. tian hu nodded after a little thought. "Well, in that case, let’s not delay. Let’s call people to let them all search in various secret places!"
"good!" Who avoid see Mrs tian hu so frank mood nature is also very happy.
"There should be no doubt about all the characteristics of the Four Spirits Shenmu, so I won’t delay any longer. Now, please enter the cave in order and enter the secret realm!" In front of the cave where the barrier is located, Mrs. tian hu gave a detailed introduction to all the hindroads of Siling Shenmu to more than 1,000 monks of both the human and demon families.
Everyone is also aware of the importance of the White Four Spirits Shenmu. Naturally, everyone promised to search for it absolutely and seriously. Then, according to the sequence, these people went into the hole one by one and were sent to various places through the barrier for exploration.
As time goes by, people come out of the secret realm every few days and then enter the barrier again to randomly place them in other secret realms. Obviously, these monks have a significant change in their breath after staying in the secret realm for a while, and this change is naturally understood best by people who know their own situation, so they are always happy with this kind of search work. No one wants to take an extra day outside.
Fortunately, there is no war in Luzhou Dongyi now, and Luzhou Department is also very stable, so Weiji is not too anxious to bring them back. After all, it is also a good thing that their strength has risen.
At this time, there are two people in the large Lich King Valley who have not been in but are waiting outside to report. These two people are naturally Wei Ji and Mrs. tian hu. There is no way for them to be the organizers and commanders of this operation!
Time flies, and soon Wei Ji has been in the Valley of the Lich King for half a year.
On this day, Mrs. tian hu came to the cave leading to the secret land together as usual. Since the first day of the exploration, they have to come here every day. Although the really good news will come sometime, even if they don’t want to hear the news, it is also a very good thing to listen to the wonders in the secret land! After all, being well informed is also more important for a monk.
Mrs. tian hu stayed in the cave for about an hour, and listened to the introduction of six monks to their secret land. They waited for about a quarter of an hour, but the seventh monk didn’t come out. The two guessed that it was hard to say when a monk appeared, and they were ready to go back.
When they just walked to the cave mouth and haven’t stepped out, they suddenly felt a violent fluctuation behind them.
It’s normal that there are fluctuations in the location of the barrier behind them. It must be that some monk is coming out. They are almost out of the doorway now. If they don’t go back to listen to a monk’s introduction at ordinary times, this trip is different because the fluctuation is so great that they have to be curious.
It doesn’t matter if Mrs. tian hu stopped in order to twist her head, because they suddenly saw two big trees folded by one person and emerged from the barrier, and the trunk looked smooth with yellow, black, red and blue light.
"Four spirit Shenmu? !” Who avoid Mrs tian hu qi exclaimed.
Isn’t it? In addition to the four spirits Shenmu, which one can have four power characteristics of earth, water, fire and wind! Where did they go? They all turned back, but they all carefully let the four spirits Shenmu occupy an absolute position.
As the Four Spirit Shenmu was revealed, a tall and strong figure didn’t look like a friar at first glance, but rather like a lady who practiced acrobatics across the barrier. Where is this taboo and Mrs. tian hu’s appearance of the Four Spirit Shenmu? This credit was greeted by Qi Qi at that time.
"I’m lucky that I didn’t disgrace my life. I found the four spirits Shenmu!" The strong man monk is not blind. He saw coming towards him at a glance. Wei Ji and Mrs. tian hu were busy at that time.
"Well, you did a good job!" Wei Ji didn’t have a deep impression on this strong monk before, but now it’s naturally different, so his voice is particularly mild and encouraging. After pointing to the four-spirit Shenmu, he asked, "These two four-spirit Shenmu trees have their trunks left, so you shouldn’t throw away the rest of the branches!"
"Of course!" The strong man immediately replied, "Chang Gong attaches so much importance to treasures, even if it’s a leaf, I think it’s possible that there is a place where he can’t neglect it naturally, but it’s really inconvenient for those things to cross the barrier without cutting them off, so I will cut them off and put them in the bag. This little branch and leaf will fully hold my seventeen bags."
"It’s good that you can consider this! You have made great contributions this time, and I can’t help but admire this! I think you must have been repairing the card on the ninth floor of gas refining for a long time now! Although you have entered the secret realm for a long time and experienced a high-level aura baptism, your mana is more harmonious and lively, but it is still impossible to advance by this alone.
You know what? I have a life pearl here. You can enter the tenth floor of gas refining after refining it sometime! "Who avoid and other characters? At first glance, I saw where the strong man monk pass was, and I pointed to the root for reward.
Hearing this, the strong man’s face could not help but be full of surprises. At that time, he was a little surprised. Wei Ji took out the life bead, and he didn’t show any signs of taking it over. Wei Ji naturally wouldn’t blame Dangli for putting the life bead into his hand and said, "It’s hard to practice well, and one day he can step into the foundation to extend Shou Yuan’s longevity!"
This strong man monk is completely return to absolute being, tightly holding the life yuan bead repeatedly thanked Wei Ji, "Thank you for your long male! Thank you, Changgong! "
"Well, now that the four spirits Shenmu has found our distance from the Lich King Valley, there will be not many days. Why don’t you take this opportunity to digest this life in the shakotan coast and break through the realm? You must know that it is much smaller to make a breakthrough outside this opportunity! " Who avoid said with a smile
"yes! Yes! Thank you for waking up! " Brother Strong Man thanked him again, and then he took out seventeen bags containing many branches and leaves of Four Spirit Shenmu and gave them to Weiji.
Who avoid a line took the strong man monk immediately forced not to wait for the barrier in the past, when it was about to touch the barrier suddenly paused to twist a head again face emerge with shame but color way "look, I’m so happy that I’m all confused. I found that the Four Spirit Shenmu is not these two trees, but four trees naturally formed a small four elephants return to Yuan array.
I have limited strength to bring these two trees, but there are still several colleagues in my place. When I left, I told them the location of the remaining two four-spirit Shenmu. If you stay here for a while, there should be two more four-spirit Shenmu! "
"All right, I know! By the way, if you find others in the secret world after you go in, tell them not to search any more and let them come out and meet as soon as possible! " Who avoid nodded accordingly and then added with a smile with the wave after the strong man can go.
Brother Strong Man knows so well that Wei Ji must have adopted his own opinion, and he will no longer delay one step to cross his body and disappear into the barrier.
"Madam, it seems that today is really our lucky day!" At this time, Wei Ji suddenly said to Mrs. tian hu next to her, "When I was exploring, I was satisfied to find a four-spirit Shenmu in my mind. I didn’t expect that if it didn’t appear, it would be four. It seems that Heaven doesn’t want Sanyi tribe to go again. Only then can we borrow our hands to punish them!"
"Yes!" Tian hu lady smell speech immediately chimed in "three yi wind although it can be called obscure, but the bones are still too overbearing. I am so big that the demon family has withered into three yi, which is really the culprit! It is really unreasonable for such a group to be immortal! "
Hearing Mrs. tian hu’s words, Wei Ji’s brow couldn’t help but wrinkle up slightly. He always felt that Mrs. tian hu had something to say, which seemed to imply that she would go directly back to "Mrs. has a point! As the saying goes, learn from the past and learn from the future! In the future, after your family and I have replaced the three major Yi tribes, we will definitely learn this lesson. Only when everything is warm and moist can the family and race continue for a long time! "
"Changgong has an extraordinary mind. I believe you can do it!" Mrs. tian hu immediately understood what she meant when she heard from Wei Ji. She nodded and answered.
With the tacit understanding in their hearts, they stopped saying much and waited in the same place. Soon after about half an hour, the two of them saw three monks, one terran and two demon tribes again. This time, in addition to listening to them talking about their own secret situation, they also told them to stay in the same place as much as possible and agree to come back as soon as possible after they went in again.
On weekdays, both of them are calm and calm, but when waiting for the remaining two four-spirit Shenmu trees to come out, they all feel the anxiety of the other party. This situation continued until the strong fluctuation came out again.
This time, with the appearance of two four-spirit Shenmu, there are five monks, two Luzhou monks and three demon families, and one of them is the demon clan elder.
This kind of situation who avoid nature is not suitable for the reward, after all, the family demon clan elders identity there! When Wei Ji thanked the two monks in Luzhou in general, of course, his heart naturally kept this situation in mind and prepared to reward them separately after returning home.
After all, this is also a good time to buy people’s hearts. From control to control, there is absolutely no willingness to be better. It is natural that you will not miss such an opportunity.
Chapter DiYiLiuQi Four Spirit Paper
Chapter DiYiLiuQi Four Spirit Paper
Ten days later
When Luzhou came to help, nearly 200 monks and more than 100 people had come out of the secret realm. People have come out less frequently in the past two days. Those who are left behind must be practicing in the secret realm for one reason or another! Although he was somewhat unhappy in his heart, he did not show it.
Because once this happens, these demon elders will find that Weiji’s control over Brother Luzhou is a bit outrageous. After greeting the demon elders, he will take these people back to Luzhou first.
On the way back, it was naturally the demon family who broke the cloud shuttle in Kowloon, but this time it was no longer controlled by Mrs. tian hu, the demon family elder, but replaced by a Buddhist monk in Luzhou.
It didn’t take much time for the group to return to Luzhou Weiji and Wei Wangfu. Naturally, they first told their grandfather Weiwang about their trip to the Lich King Valley. When Weiwang learned that Weiji had got the four spirits Shenmu, he was also excited.
Others don’t know, but Wei Wang still remembers Wei Ji’s description of the power of the universal blade car. With this kind of multiplier, it means that Luzhou will be careful and will never return. When Wei Wang said, "Don’t you need to refine the multiplier, although Grandpa can do it, he will certainly help you do it."
"Don’t, it’s not that those materials have been more than enough for me to purchase in the Yi market through my grandfather’s collection over the years!" Wei Ji immediately replied, "But I am a master craftsman in papermaking, but I need my grandfather. Please send me all the best talents in Luzhou for a while!"
"No problem depends on you!" King Wei waved heroism dry cloud way
In a secret manor outside Luzhou.

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