Then millions of pairs of eyes saw a man flying from the crowd and standing in the middle like a god of war, followed by an alarm, a small pet animal suddenly grew until it was more than ten meters long, and then a beast roared.

After the transformation, Qing Ye, the colorful magic tiger body, held the momentum of the newly refined red lion saber body, which was released at this moment, and the coercion of the colorful magic tiger holy beast also surged out.
Ambient airflow stagnation
Looking at half a man and a beast, millions of pairs of eyes can’t help but be deeply shocked by the strength of the sanctuary!
However, Nu Wa, who was trapped by the five-star light at the altar, couldn’t help shivering after hearing the sound, and then saw Qing Ye’s figure. Her beautiful eyes couldn’t help but burst into tears and cried out, "Husband!"
Chapter two hundred and twelve Roll, or die!
The universe sealing god Chapter two hundred and twelve Roll {} or die.
Public? Although some people in the square heard it, many experts were so strong that they couldn’t help Zheng. No one expected that the woman selected by the Holy See turned out to be a married couple.
However, it seems that the goddess of light did not say that a virgin can’t be a couple who want a pure soul. It seems that there is a lot of drama, and many strong people who come to attend the virgin ceremony are holding the idea of watching drama
It’s absolutely a scandal that the Vatican steals someone’s wife to be a saint, which will make the image of the Vatican stick plummet, and many big family forces are also happy to see this happen
And the four geniuses, the captain of the Vatican Golden Cavaliers, heard Nu Wa call Qing Ye’s husband, and his heart was shocked. He didn’t believe it or not, and then his heart rose with strong jealousy and murder
Nu Wa’s eyes are so holy, but it’s the Qing Ye wife? It’s a kind of jealousy that you find something by yourself but someone else owns it.
Although very far apart, Qing Ye still heard Nu Wa’s call and couldn’t help but feel excited and surprised. Looking at San was about to drive the colorful magic tiger to fly to the altar. Suddenly, a flash of golden light made Qing Ye very disgusted with the sound. "You are Qing Ye? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. "Ye Ning saw a figure holding a magic gun in front of him. It was the captain of the Vatican Golden Cavaliers, Winston. At this time, Winston was holding a gun, and the spear head was flashing with cold light, pointing at Qing Ye and then looking at Qing Ye like a monarch looking at his subjects.
Looking at a cold and arrogant face, Qing Ye is killing. Now when the Pope and the Archbishop in Red cast spells to start the altar array to summon angels, this is the best chance to save Nu Wa. If the Pope and the Archbishop in Red summon angels, it will be difficult to save Nu Wa again.
Qing Ye learned from Jiu You that when summoning an angel needs less incense, Qing Ye has to rescue Nu Wa when this incense is needed.
"Go or die"’ Cold Road doesn’t intend to talk nonsense with Winston, the four genius of the so-called Dragon God continent.
Ye Qingyin’s note of the real force clearly entered the ears of hundreds of people in the square, as if he had heard a great joke. Winston was angry and smiled, and it shook around. This Qing Ye actually told him to roll or die. This is a great insult to him. Think about him. This arrogant man has not been praised for decades. It is his eulogy.
He is the captain of the Yellow Knights of the Holy See, and even the king of the kingdom of Mora has to bow and scrape when he sees him. This Ye Qing Ye actually said to him to roll or die in front of millions of people.
The more he thinks about it, the more angry he is, and the more he fills his chest with laughter. After drinking, "Qing Ye, how dare you disturb your blasphemy against the pagan god of light in the female ceremony? Let me personally execute you in the glory of the light god." Speaking of this sudden drink, the magic gun bursts out with cold light and then stabs Qing Ye.
Generate, armed with a magic gun, shines brightly, and the golden armor shines on each other like a god of war. The coercion of the strong in his sanctuary is not inferior to that of Qing Ye.
Looking forward, Winston seemed to destroy everything with a shot. Qing Ye’s mouth evoked a sneer. Whether it was lighter or solid, this shot alone was enough to resist the order of the sanctuary, but it was like a child shooting a gun to kill him.
Because this Winston’s understanding of Wushu is limited to personal strength, Qing Ye’s understanding of strength is simply not at the same level
Don’t say Pangu star field can be the beginning of the mainland for more than a month, and Qing Ye’s mastery of the world’s energy is much higher than that of Stoddard.
Looking at Winston’s forward shot, Qing Ye directly looked at the cold mountain shaken by the magic gun, but turned his hand to Winston with a knife after an earthquake, as if it were like cutting vegetables, the red lion’s sword flashed a dark red light and lightly rowed a cutting ahead to Winston.
At this moment, the red lion’s sword sounded like a lion’s roar like a tiger’s beast, which seemed to trap a dominant party and want to take off the knife like Warcraft, and millions of people in the earthquake party trembled.
This red lion saber was made by Qing Ye conveniently by mining and refining the Mountain of Warcraft. It added the demon crystal of Warcraft, which killed the lion-like tiger in the Grand Canyon of Death, but Qing Ye did not erase the soul consciousness of this red lion saber in the demon crystal. Therefore, Qing Ye felt that the power of the red lion saber was even more exerted.
Although it is difficult to control this lion bully knife, it is not difficult for Qing Ye.
In Qing Ye’s view, the power of this lion bully sword is no less than the so-called artifact in this world, although it is barely touching the artifact.
Sure enough, in Qing Ye, some people watched the semi-battle and some experts exclaimed "artifact" after making this red lion bully knife show its power.
Dark red light like a runaway horse instantly rushed to Sri Lanka.
1 the force that vibrates out of the cold mountain and absolutely destroys it will disperse and then hit the gun and man behind the cold mountain.
Winston didn’t seem to expect that the blow would make him feel extremely dangerous. Before the dark red light arrived, it was like a surging wave, and he was like a huge ship sailing towards an iceberg before the dark red light.
Without hesitation, he tried to spin his body like a top, and then his pike rolled up like a sharp cone.
This strong breeze is not able to pierce the dark red light, but it is slow. Still, it is still a little bit slow. I am shocked to see that the dark red light has been near and malicious. The magic gun in my hand suddenly and violently issued a dark mountain again, and I was so angry that I broke the dark red light and finally scattered it.
But this impact gas made his chest unstable if he was hit hard, and he couldn’t help but retreat straight back to the holy edge before stopping.
Millions of people looked at this war with their hearts, and saw that Qing Ye’s blow actually defeated Winston, and the stormy waves rolled up in the center of the crowd. Looking at half as tall as a mountain, Qing Ye murmured, "Is this Qing Ye, this Qing Ye, a strong artifact of sanctuary? Is that combat knife in his hand a real artifact? No wonder it’s no wonder that "when he saw Qing Ye half a month ago, everyone was the same. Qing Ye was just a level strength."
Although the strength of the second level or so was surprising, it was not enough to astound him. Qing Ye would have the spirit ring for him to auction at that time. He also had a hunch that Qing Ye was a fool. This unique one, two, and a half artifact could not be bought for this young man without money, but it was also sold.
Now he finally knows what’ Qing didn’t put the ring in his heart. He auctioned the ring when Qing Ye should have needed money, but now he feels how ridiculous his thoughts are. He also finally understands that Qing Ye did not give in when he was in the home of Lanying family, because Qing Ye is the strong man in the sanctuary.
He felt strange at that time, but he didn’t think about it in terms of sanctuary. He didn’t want to, but he didn’t dare to think about it.
Beside Ente Club, Daley’s beautiful eyes were shining with starlight, staring at Qing Ye’s domineering figure in the middle school. She dared to say "Go or die" to Stoun, the captain of the Golden Knight of the Holy See, the strong man in the sanctuary. This male figure is deeply imprinted in her heart at the moment. Every girl has a desire to meet her charming king. He is an indomitable hero, and she is no exception. However, the man who has appeared in her eyes for several years has been eclipsed by her magical talent. This time, she came to attend the Saint Ceremony to meet one or four talents, Stoun.
Now this is highly praised by the Dragon God mainland, but it is disappointing and even more surprising for her to be defeated in front of this young man named Qing Ye.
At the beginning, in Shanshui City, she felt that it was not easy to have a Qing Ye.
It’s disappointing that she has a wife at home. She can’t help but think of being a saint Nu Wa. But at this time, she also hopes that Qing Ye can save Nu Wa, and she is deeply moved. If a man can save her in this situation, she will be the happiest person in the world.
At the beginning, in Shanshui City, the three strong men in the Sanctuary stopped fighting with Qing Ye. They also looked at Qing Ye in the crowd and were deeply shocked. At that time, they guessed that Qing Ye’s strength was now seen or not deeply shocked.
Dark mercenary group Limon and Delin are also here.
Light the Vatican in the crowd to see, don’t want to make moves, but see Qing Ye a recruit retreat, heart are surprised to keep beside the altar light the Vatican inquisition director bardsley ascetic head method and half riding two holy beast sanctuary strong was about to make moves, then face upwards nu cried.
It seems that Zhongshidun is suffering more. bardsley, Fafei and others frowned at this, but they withdrew their steps to kill Qing Ye.

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