The robber led the sentence just now and directly sentenced himself to death. Everyone has a restricted area in his heart, and Lin Feng’s relatives and friends are his biggest restricted area!

Wild 6 these guys their body is really tough! I will show you what is really tough today! Windson didn’t move the true qi feet suddenly stepped on the ground and the turf immediately flew to both sides.
And windson foot is two and a half feet deep footprints!
When all the robbers saw a shadow blocking Lin Feng’s way, they were all directly hit by a pure height impact, which cracked a dozen robbers’ dirty parts.
Those robbers who were hit by flying have turned into paste when they were in the middle, leaving a layer of skin wrapped, but after falling to the ground, they crashed and smashed their flesh and blood.
The robber with aquiline nose didn’t respond and was smashed in the head with one punch.
The remaining robbers were immediately dumbfounded and gradually gave birth to fear in their hearts. They really couldn’t figure out what this young man seemed to be thin and contained such horrible energy.
In the face of Lin Feng’s murderous face, some clever robbers quietly moved closer to Lan Beibei. At this time, if they can catch a hostage, they may be able to save their lives, but they are wrong. Lan Beibei is a beautiful flower but also a thorny rose.
After "Snowflakes" in their hands madly harvested the lives of several robbers, Lan Beibei and Lin Feng attacked and cleaned up hundreds of robbers.
Looking at the scene of blood dripping from her feet, Lan Beibei finally said with a little panic, "Brother Xiaofeng, have I become a murderer …"
Lin Feng was silent for a while and suddenly pointed to the little girl crying not far away and said, "If you don’t kill these people, more people will suffer bad luck."
Lan Beibei carried the little girl into an armored car and entrusted her to an honest family when she met a village.
Qin Xinyu and Chu Yu were silent. Although they knew that the robbers deserved to die, they were really kind when they saw the bloody scene from the window. They still felt that the heart method could bear it.
But Chen Hu four people are very excited.
"how about it? I said that Master Biao can solve it in five minutes, right? "
"Ha ha that is natural! If we all go out, it will be faster! Because of this episode, the driving speed of armored vehicles has been greatly accelerated. After a few hours, they finally arrived at Blackstone Castle, the center of Wild Big 6.
The huge Blackstone Castle has no one to guard the gate, and the windson armored vehicle just swaggered to the gate.
In case of accident, Lin Feng got out of the armored vehicle first.
What material is it that this castle is isolated from its own spirit? Windson wondered.
Suddenly, a dark shadow covered the forest air’s location.
Lin Feng instantly stirred up a defensive cover on the outside. Sun Xiaohai Xun hit hIk2-type energy shield and enveloped the whole armored vehicle.
Windson and armored vehicles were not damaged by the protective shield. Just now, that black cloud turned out to be a lot of black liquid, which emitted a lot of white smoke immediately after touching the ground. The rock ground was corroded and mottled for a short time.
Windson looked up at the height of Blackstone Castle and actually held out a number of black pipes. It seems that those liquids were ejected from the pipes just now.
Now the other party has no friendly intention. Lin Fengxin seems to want the other party to help find the doll, which will not be an easy thing.
"His mother!" Sun Xiaohai thought of the danger just now and couldn’t help but pick up the heavy live-fire machine gun of the metal storm and shoot at Blackstone Castle.
At that time, the stone chips were flying, but this kind of indiscriminate shooting would not bring any losses to the other side.
Sun Xiaohai took out a small reinforced missile aiming at the pipeline and shot it in.
Suddenly there was a huge explosion in Blackstone Castle, and suddenly more than a dozen black men rushed out. Everyone was holding a huge sickle-shaped weapon in their hands. If you look closely, you will find that the weapon was born in their arms!
"Mom humiliated us black people!" Chen Hu Chen Bao and his two brothers tried their best to suppress their anger all the way. Now they finally couldn’t help it. They were equipped with golden light. 6 Fighter armor and two heads of gold and Bi Meng rushed to Blackstone Castle like ancient fierce beasts
A black man waving a giant scythe and gold Bi Meng collided together, and the whole body immediately flew back for more than ten meters. The giant scythe in his hand has been damaged, and the 6 battle mecha controlled by Chen Hu was slightly shaken. But even so, Lin Feng has already lost some of these black men’s strength. The 6 battle mecha is of the earth and will never let it move.
"Buzz …" Suddenly came the sound of wings flapping in the sky. When Lin Feng looked up, dozens of people with wings and red skin flew out of the top of the castle!
At the same time, a large number of black men poured out of the castle gate. Lin Feng was a little anxious and busy. He ordered Sun Xiaohai to drive armored vehicles and retreat armored vehicles. The materials were unusual and it should not be a problem to be protected by an energy shield.
Windson himself flew out the "purple light" and entered the control room. Windson’s lofty sentiments gave birth to a big mother. If it weren’t for the old repair, she would fly early to unplug your wings!
Violet rose and the ten-meter pike vigorously swept to the middle bird man, but he didn’t dodge, and immediately fell headlong when he was swept, but he was killed immediately by a cold attack of Sun Xiaohai’s silver hunter type 3 assault rifle.
"Depend! What is that! " Sun Xiaohai shouted
The man whose face was swept away by Lin Feng didn’t leave a corpse. There was a huge winged insect on the ground. Although it was huge, Lin Feng recognized it as soon as it was. Isn’t that an ant? So these guys are a group of mutant ants. No wonder they have wings!
However, windson knows that these ants are obviously much more powerful than the mutant octopus in the sea. Maybe they have other stunts that have not been displayed …
Passing 18-wheeler, another red-faced man was stabbed by a pike and planted from it. Although he controlled the mecha, the purple light was extremely mecha’s reaction, and there was almost no delay. Lin Fenghuang’s five-star fighter skill was vividly waved
Chen Hu Chen Bao’s two brothers were all glittering, and with excellent defense and sharp claws, they tore a large number of black men.
Those red-faced men are getting smarter. They don’t meet windson at close range, but they are far from spraying black liquid.
Although those formic acid methods cause corrosion to violet light, Lin Feng still tries to avoid these disgusting things. Lin Feng is killing in Xingxing. Suddenly, he gives birth to a bad feeling. Looking at the two brothers, Lin Feng, who are surrounded by a black-faced man, finally remembers a very important thing.
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Guild Wars Blackstone Castle (in)
Aware of the danger, Lin Feng immediately manipulated the purple light to fall next to the armored vehicle and threw it into the "Crystal House" along with the people inside. Then he rushed into the encirclement of the black man and planned to put the Chen family two brothers in.
Changes suddenly gave birth to all the big men in black suddenly spit out a round bead from their mouths! Seeing this scene, Lin Feng felt numb on the scalp. Those are demon xiu Dan!
At the same time, windson was glad that he had already thought of this, otherwise it is estimated that the lives of the Chen family’s two brothers will be lost in the wild big 6.
Put the Chen family brothers in the "Crystal House" and then put away the purple light. At this time, dozens of Dan have arrived in front of him without hesitation. Lin Feng is swaying his body and covering it with a gold, silver and white cover.
Immersed in the sea of forest air consciousness, practicing cocoa was awakened, and a large number of spiritual forces were continuously delivered to forest air. In an instant, the mask on the surface of forest air was like a real water wave flowing slowly, and the two colors of gold and silver complemented each other, setting off forest air in a majestic way.
Dozens of Dan power can’t look down upon the original windson was killed by Jinjiao Dan’s desperate blow. This time, he was extremely cautious.
Dozens of Dan hit the mask and made a series of low noises, and then … it turned into powder and dispersed with the wind.
Even windson oneself also don’t know what’s going on, even if these big fellow can’t fix Jinjiao, but dozens of Dan how to also have to produce some explosions? How can it suddenly break?

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