As soon as the words fell, a python demon blew itself up directly.

Chapter 22 New servant
Chapter 22 New servant
Python demon this explosive can be said to be completely extremely forced himself under the guise of heaven and earth reiki concise life Dan fire was released, a burst of virtual all a dark burst scattered to tens of millions of sparks shining like stars, extremely soaring to the four sides in the virtual draw a virtual mark is like a sharp arrow.
Always be on guard outside, responsible for the siege of the python monster, Chen Yan and others feel the power of Mars, but they dare not stay where they are again, and their respective flash lights will be evacuated to those Mars that are raging.
After the loud noise, the python demon couldn’t find even a little residue, leaving a huge pit about 100 feet wide and dozens of feet deep.
It’s really unexpected for the python demon to act like this. After all, it doesn’t look like the kind of self-sacrifice for everyone!
Wei Ji’s two minds were the most agile and quickly connected. At that time, he sighed, "It’s a pity that an ordinary snake demon can come to this day!"
It turns out that according to Wei Ji, it is also a kind of calculation that this python demon does not do the slightest defense to do such a "heroic" move.
Python demon already knows that he lied and concealed an important treasure. It is inevitable that he will never be forgiven for his death by virtue of his defensive character. If he is caught and killed by Yan Yan and others, he will definitely suffer some pain, not only will he suffer more, but he will also leave a stubborn and unrepentant name in the world. It is not worth the loss, but it is better to end it by himself.
This is from the python demon’s own reasons to care about their own interests; From another point of view, it is harmful to Wei Ji and the men in black, because in this way, many people think that men in black cover up their secrets, especially to outsiders.
If Wei Ji has doubts about this and kills the black dress person directly, then he has successfully framed his black dress person companion, which has made him have an extra companion in his grave, and he has also succeeded in making Wei Ji go back on his word and end up with a bad reputation of not keeping his promise. After all, in their view, a noble and decent brother wants his name to be clear regardless of his heart.
And if Wei Ji didn’t kill the black dress person but let him go as he said, if the black dress person really told the truth, that’s all. If he also concealed something, how could he feel a little ashamed and guilty in his heart? After he escaped, he would try his best to help him get revenge in the future.
It can be said that the python demon’s own dead bait arrangement of this game is diabolical, and it is possible to get caught with a slight carelessness, but Wei Ji blazing with anger will directly discover it. Naturally, this game will be a powerful place.
The rest of the people, including the man in black, are also the essence of the extraordinary people. Wei bogen will not be analyzed briefly, so he will immediately consider all kinds of causes and effects, and they will also sigh in their hearts.
Among them, Lin Zhao, the resin demon, lamented that it was not the python demon’s means, but that the python demon had left more than half of his flesh and blood. His own dozens of sacrifices were practiced to form a resin armor sword, especially the python demon’s flesh and blood.
Previously, he forcibly absorbed nearly half of the flesh and blood of the Python demon through the resin magic solution, and he felt that he had finished Dan. If the flesh and blood of the Python demon were refined and refined, he would certainly be able to make further progress, even if he could not directly condense Dan to achieve fake Dan, there was no problem. But now it is hopeless for the Python demon to blow itself up and even fail to flow a little dregs.
Not to mention these, Wei Ji made everyone understand the sinister heart of the python demon by secretly ordering, and then went to the front of the black dress person and said, "Since you have truthfully handed over all the hidden treasures, it seems that your conscience has not completely disappeared and there is still room to save. I can let you live as promised!"
Hearing this sentence, the men in black were overjoyed at that time, and repeatedly said, "Thank you more!" I won’t dare to do such a thing again in the future. "
"Don’t worry, I haven’t finished yet!" Who avoid with the wave, "is the so-called death can live! It is impossible to let you go, because after you leave, you are likely to commit crimes again or be killed by your previous enemy. In either case, it is against my intention to let you turn over a new leaf today. "
After a pause, Wei Ji continued, "So I have thought about a policy, that is, you are a servant by my side, and I have driven you for 30 years. If you can be diligent and do not make trouble after the expiration of this period, if you are willing to stay in my five elements, I can recommend you; If you don’t want to, I can also send you all kinds of instruments, pills and lingshi for you to practice on your own.
What do you think? "
"is there any other way?" Wrong novel network does not jump word black dress person slightly looked up and looked at who avoid asked.
"I don’t have it," Wei Ji spread his hands. "Maybe you have a better way to say it. Let me hear it. Maybe I will answer it if it’s appropriate."
Wei Ji has a warm smile on his face, but in the eyes of men in black, he feels so ferocious and horrible. "I have a good method, but I dare say it." Forget it, let’s be a servant for 30 years. At least this security is higher. Let’s talk about it in the future! "
When he was determined to do so, the black man knelt on the ground and made a deep bow to Wei Ji, saying, "Li Yilong, who is taking a break, visits his master!"
"well! Get up! " Wei Ji waved and said, "I don’t care much about the ceremony. The most important thing is to be honest and diligent. You should remember that!"
"Yes, I dare not forget anything!" Li Yi uplift behind continue to respectful way
"All right, now you can take us everywhere to get the treasure!" Who avoid commanded 1.
Chapter II and III Contributions
Chapter II and III Contributions
With Li Yilong, a well-known lover, the process of assisting Weiji and others to get the treasure was particularly smooth, but in just three hours, Li Yilong, a python demon, collected everything for nearly a hundred years.
All the treasures piled up in the Kamikaze boat have actually formed a wide hill five feet high, full of beautiful things and dazzling colors. Seeing that everyone’s eyes are straight, it is difficult to shock the well-informed master of the refining device, because the collection of Python and Demon is so rich that there are more than 33 light treasures.
"How many people have you robbed that you still have such a fortune after practicing on your own?" This moment who avoid also can’t help mouth asked.
Hearing this, the rest of the people also turned their attention to Li Yilong, a new servant who guards against jealousy. Li Yilong was very clear about his situation, so he didn’t delay and didn’t hide anything. He immediately replied, "In fact, we don’t have too many looters, but we are looking for those who are brothers of different sizes to plunder, especially those who have just had a short experience in the mountains."
Most of these people dare to come to this forbidden baby place for trial because they have good treasures for self-defense, so they are very rich and often plunder once, so we can practice for a long time.
In fact, in front of these things, they only account for 30% of the treasures that are not easy to sell, and most of the rest are sold off by us. These are really attached to the characteristics of sects, which are too obvious, even if they are split up, they are not easy to sell. After all, most of those black market palm holders also have sects. "
After listening to this, everyone secretly scolded the Python demon and Li Yilong for squandering things, and on the other hand, they also got a headache. They also got these things, but they were only in trouble with some sects. Who would have thought that all the departments were hanging things in various clans?
One or two things are so-called, but there are too many things, which will increase the influence of the sects. Of course, the five sects are not afraid of these things, but if they lose their reputation among the other sects, they will be punished if they are afraid that they will not get their benefits.

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