The onlookers were all shocked to add the same order and the same external increase. The immortal body of the gods and demons is called the invincible god of war.

However, Ouyang Yinghong is not as cold as Chen in terms of fighting skill, but the magic weapon is obviously one level higher than him. There is almost no difference in external growth, and he has gradually turned from just advantage to disadvantage.
It is also rare to see the immortal body of ghosts and gods before the wrath of heaven, and it is bound to fall in the chill knife of Chen!
What is his accomplishment?
How powerful is he?
If such a man is allowed to grow up, no one will be his opponent, but who can kill him in this cold weather?
The Duanmu family is nothing, but being armed to the teeth is ten times more powerful than it was more than two thousand years ago. The root of the cyclops family is beyond their ability to compete.
Not only was he badly hurt to the extreme, but his skin cracked, his five zang-organs were out of position, and Yuan Ying’s shock consumed more than half of Zhen Yuan. Ouyang Yinghong was attacked by Chen Han’s flurry for more than 300 meters this time. Before he stabilized himself and condensed Zhen Yuan, he only retreated less than 100 meters. Chen Han had already recoiled like a streamer, and the streamer combating Dao raised a piece of dark golden light and shadow.
Poof … poof …
I can’t get up four times to meet Ouyang Yinghong, screaming and being blown to the ground to draw a deep mark. Blood doesn’t cost money, but it can be seen that it is broken and dirty.
This time, he completely lost the opportunity to regain his inferiority. His mind was in a state of disorder, and his brain was almost turned into paste. He had not yet recovered from the severe burns of all five bodies. The tip of Chen Han’s hand was in his eyebrows. "Ouyang Yinghong always told you a secret. Do you know what the special physique is?"
"What …"
"It is doomed to be a tragedy to let people break your life, because you provoked the old and doomed to be trampled by me!"
When the last word fell, the instant combat knife passed over the white neck skin and turned to Huangfuyan without looking at it.
Chi …
Until he walked out of several steps, the slender blood line gradually emerged in Ouyang Yinghong’s neck, and a large blood fog burst out for several meters.
A good head is separated from the body, and his Yuan God fuses in Yuan Baby, making a sharp scream and escaping from the body, stepping down to more than three inches, and desperately escaping with a flying sword.
Chen Han gently shook his head and turned his hand. With an extra big bow, he took an arrow, a bow and aimed at it in one go.
Whew! Whew!
Two more than one meter-long arrows blaster away and just fly out of tens of meters. Yuan Ying was shot on the spot by the thumb-thick arrows, and together with Yuan Shen, he melted into a void.
"This kind of garbage Yuan Ying Yuan Shen doesn’t even want to eat Xueyun."
Chen Leng smiled and put the bow and arrow into Yuan Shen’s mouth and wiped away a wisp of blood. He bowed his hand at Heimers. "Uncle can let them start work. Ouyang Yinghong lost Ouyang Family, and it would not be outside the villa."
Then he turned to float in the air and Duanmu Lingtian Gong said, "It’s better to trouble the ancestors to make the Duanmu family kill all the remnants of Ouyang family outside Ouyang Villa. Now that they are tall once more in the spring wind has done it, it’s better to leave no future trouble."
"Alas … I said let OuYangDuo don’t behave in such a way that he has to …"
Duanmuling Tiannai sighed that it was not crocodile tears. He really didn’t want to destroy Ouyang’s family. However, now it has been saved by law. As Chen Han said, since it has been done, it can’t be left for future trouble. He took out the news and told the story again.
At the same time, thousands of elite battlefields besieged Ouyang family turned like several huge millstones. In the battlefields, Ouyang family members were seemingly hard but actually vulnerable soybeans in the millstones.
Not in energy, the cyclops can block the spread of energy afterwaves, and isolate everything like the fix-true array, as if it were a world of its own.
Earth-shattering burst …
Crisp and loud impact …
Tear your heart out and scream …
Or some practitioners whose minds are not firm enough scream and cry when facing the crisis of life and death, and all kinds of sounds are mixed together.
Bright red blood flowed freely from the feet of the cyclops who formed the war, and slowly solidified into purple jelly-like plasma.
What’s more, there are still some residual limbs, broken arms, heart and intestines, and muscle hair that have been torn apart by the tomahawk and accidentally dragged to the outside of the war and scattered all over the ground.
What kind of cold will become a cyclops patriarch?
With his contribution, it is inseparable from his kindness to this race and his personal strength. However, nowadays, some people can’t help but think of another level, except that they are not of the same race and have no same blood. Chen Han’s fighting style is incredibly similar to that of the Cyclops.
There is no energy method, royal sword flying method and long-range attack, which should be the reason why they accept a member of the Yanhuang Sun Cheng clan.
The killing continued in the bloody scene, and no one came out to stop Ouyang’s family from disappearing completely.
"Brother Chen, I like that sentence."
The knife gave Chen Han a thumbs-up sign, but he couldn’t hide his excitement and admiration. "The special physique is to let people break it."
"That … I was aiming at Ouyang Yinghong, but I didn’t say what you meant." Chen Han was embarrassed to scratch his head.
"Chen cold you hurt? Is there anything wrong? " HuangFuZi smoke face cut face tears vaguely previously saw Chen cold at a disadvantage, she would have scared to cry.
"Ouch … my insides are broken and my meridians are broken. I’m going to die …" Chen Han flopped down on the shoulder of the knife and spat out a mouthful of blood.
"Chen cold you don’t die ….."
HuangFuZi smoke screamed and came running very bossy, grabbed him from the shoulder of a knife, hugged him tightly, cried and shouted, "Don’t die … whoops … who of you will come and save him?"
Chapter 165 One in two
No one moves a knife. They have been with Chen Han for so long that they don’t know his strength. The battlefield is still alive and kicking. After killing Ouyang Yinghong with one knife and one arrow, they hang up. Who else will believe it except Huang Ziyan, who is too mentally disturbed?
Sure enough, I was going to die soon. Chen Han was very’ struggling’ and murmured with his eyes open. "I just fell into a dark place and said that I would take me away, but Yan Luowang suddenly appeared and said that my life was too hard. He couldn’t help but put me back."
"You …"
The little girl knew that he was evil when he found out that he was holding a big man in front of so many people, and his face suddenly turned red into silk.
Throw him on the ground with his high-heeled shoes, ashamed to step on Chen’s cold body and cry while stepping on it "bastard! Do you mind lying to me like this, you fucking king? Are you comfortable with me like this? Do you know how much I have suffered in recent years? Do you know that I think about you every day? Do you know that all the bastards in the family are bullying me? Blare … Chen cold I don’t want you, I will never love you, I hate you … "
I’m still going to dodge Chen cold. When I hear these distressing words, I will hold my head in front of several people who fix the truth and let my little girl wreak havoc on myself.
Hundreds of meters away, the Huangfu family sent their relatives to look very strange. The guards who didn’t take Huangfu Yingji seriously before seemed to have learned to change their faces.
Of course, many of them are Huangfuyingqi elders with a kind smile on their faces. "Yingqi, I told the householder before that how can you marry Ouyang Yinghong like Zi Yan? It’s a pity that the master just won’t listen to it now … "
"Congratulations, Purple Smoke can marry such a young talent, and our elders are also at ease."
"Yes, in fact, the master doesn’t want Ziyan to marry his lover?"
"Inge, don’t blame the householder for being harsh on you on weekdays. What he did was just a bitter way to make your pulse more."
A group of king eggs all leaned in HuangFuYingJi heart but bitter and sneer sneer at nature is aimed at these have it both ways guys and the bitter is aimed at Chen cold.
In those days, he tried his best to prevent his granddaughter from associating with Chen Han because Chen Han was driven out by the Duanmu family. If his granddaughter came too close to him, he was bound to offend people. He once hoped that Chen Han was the Duanmu family’s office, so he would not hesitate to give his granddaughter to him. After all, Chen Han’s theory of Chen Han is much better than Ouyang Yinghong in all aspects.
For seven years, Duanmu’s family made a big mistake, which really cheated Heaven and Man, but it also made him make a wrong decision and almost sent his granddaughter to the wall.

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