And Batu and I didn’t think that Chen Mo escaped alone because he left, because we had already seen his thoughts. He wanted to move forward a little, jump out of the spider encirclement and get rid of the spider leader. Once there was no leader, the spider web wouldn’t cover us.

After forming a web, these spiders didn’t stop making horrible noises in their mouths, and their green eyes stared at me and Batu’s back, which turned into blood red.
I know that the face turned blood red because these spiders were angry, but now the danger is that Batu Chen Mo and I actually dodged the spider tools for the face several times and hid in the shadows.
These spiders move so fast that Batugan and I can’t see all their actions clearly. We just saw this side and that side coming again. When we aimed the shotgun at that side, this side came again.
"Back-to-back, I left and you came out of the corner of Chen Mo." When I was extremely dangerous, I finally reacted and shouted and pointed my back at Batu
"poop-poop" as soon as I got ready to move, the spider with a human face kept spitting green juice at where I was just now, and suddenly the ground made a terrible noise, making people feel numb.
I’m very glad that I turned around just now, or I might have been poisoned now, but I’m glad that my mind didn’t relax at all and I pulled the trigger where the spider was.
"Boom …" There was a loud noise, and four or five spiders around it were hit by scattered steel balls inside the bomb and fell from the middle.
After a shot, I didn’t dare to stop at all. I turned around and pointed the shotgun at the left, no matter where the spider on the left went, I just shot again.
There are quite a few fragments in the shotgun shell. You don’t need to aim at it. You just need to have the right orientation. Besides, these face spiders are too dense. I won’t let the gun go anyway
And Batu also shot for a while. In this small piece, there was a huge gun in Batu’s hand and mine.
I don’t know where Sanqing got two guns for this shotgun. There are only 20 rounds. Up to now, we have lost 14 rounds and left 6 rounds.
There are still two Batu in my gun barrel and four left, but there are at least 40 or 50 spiders around us. If we want to solve them completely, we should at least have more than a dozen bullets. Now all of us add up to a small part.
Most of all, I dare to shoot at random, but now I dare not. If there are only two bullets left in the barrel, then we can’t do anything, and there will be a shirtless array.
"How many bombs are there?" Batu didn’t keep track of the number of our guns, but he still knew his guns very well. Seeing that he was running out, he asked me.
"There are two left." I pulled out and dodged a mouthful of green venom, and once again changed the other direction and Batu was back to back.
"I have four left, so wait for these animals to get closer." I didn’t hear the slightest fear from Batu’s tone, and I was even faintly excited.
But at this time, I can’t pursue these things. I can keep dodging venom with Batu and wait until there are more spiders in the face before shooting.
But even so, we played too little. I played the last one in Batu’s gun chamber, and there was still one left, but there were still twenty or thirty spiders floating in the middle.
"Go to hell" may be that Batu shouted when he knew that I had run out of ammunition and food. He didn’t wait until the spiders got together to shoot.
After the gun, he handed me a steel knife and said excitedly, "Come on, we two brothers haven’t fought together so well for a long time. Now let’s deal with these animals. No matter what happens to either of us, we must support each other’s parents and families."
My face changed, Batu. This is an account of the aftermath, but this is not a time for me to be melodramatic. Anything has to wait until the danger in front of me is solved.
Chapter 451 Let’s end it.
Spiders with human faces seem to know our dilemma. One by one, the green light in their eyes is better than the hissing and roaring, and they almost rushed towards us in the blink of an eye, which made me even more shocked by their IQ. Even some large-scale animals may not be able to do this, right?
Recently, the spider with a human face is about ten meters away from us, and now it’s less than three meters away.
This distance is not allowed. We have too many ideas, wave our steel knives and cut them.
The spider’s body is relatively light. Although it is so big, the actual weight is only about two or three pounds. Generally speaking, it is the most unwise choice to cut something so light hanging like this, but we really can’t find a better way except to cut it now.
Because the spider venom sputtering range will be a piece of land, but if we choose another way, it’s hard to say. At this time, we don’t have a shotgun in our hands, so it’s natural to do the same as before. If we talk too much about the venom sputtering range, we may be injured by accident.
These skills are all our accumulated experience over the years, and this extremely critical moment has finally come to the scene.
But no matter how fast Batu and I waved the steel knife, these face spiders still came. I hacked a face spider and turned to look in the other direction. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow the size of a human head on Batu’s neck, and he was in great pain holding that thing.
I turned around and saw that it was a spider with a human face who hung Batu’s neck. Well, the spider with a human face didn’t bite Batu. His mouth was already open, but Batu blocked it with a steel knife in the middle.
Come on, Batu will be very safe. There are still several human-faced spiders rushing around two or three meters away. If we can’t get rid of those six hairy spider legs now, then he will die in a moment.
If I didn’t see it, that’s all. Now that I know Batu’s dilemma, it’s impossible to watch him die.
I took a picture of a spider close to me with a steel knife sideways, and then strode towards Batu to cross the steel knife across the distance.
What I want to do now is to shoot the spider with a human face instead of hacking it to death because it is hanging on Batu’s neck. If I cut it, the poison will be 100% contaminated with Batu’s body.
Batu was very clever and saw my idea at a glance. It was very difficult to raise his neck, but he also quickly dumped the nearest spider, turned around and ran towards me. At the same time, he raised his neck high and made me ready to start work at any time.
I didn’t know how dangerous he was now until he turned around. Just now, my face spider was blocked by him, but it wasn’t. The face spider seemed to have great strength. Batu took a steel knife and blocked it in his mouth. As time went on, its mouth became more and more front.
At this moment, the two sharpest fangs in the spider’s mouth are less than two centimeters away from Batu’s neck skin, and the back of the steel knife is squeezed into Batu’s skin by the powerful thrust of the spider.
Although the back of the knife failed to cut Batu’s neck, it also prevented Batu from breathing normally. The blue blood vessels in his red face and neck looked like earthworms crawling on the ground, which made people feel numb.
"Ah …"
I yelled, raised my steel knife and aimed it at the spider’s face. I probably calculated that it wouldn’t hurt Batu, so I slapped it hard.
I tried several times, but I didn’t succeed. In the end, I chose the best way to chop Batuyun. This is a great skill he found. I didn’t expect to succeed after trying several times, just like me.
Batu and I are exhausted, but when we look up, there are still about twenty spiders around us.
We really want to try our best to get rid of these’ few’ face spiders by waving steel knives in our hands. After all, we are lucky and have not been eroded by toxins for so long, but we really don’t have the strength.
The two men leaned back against their foreheads and sweated like waterfalls, and their limbs could not help but tremble. The throat was dry and almost burst into flames.
The thick dark brown liquid dripping from the steel knife seems to tell us that we have tried our best, but now we can’t hold on, so let’s end it here.
Chapter 452 Despair
When Batu and I were almost connected to each other, the remaining 20 spiders stopped at the same time and slowly retreated.
This sudden scene made Batu and I stare big eyes. Everything was going to end here just now, but it changed so fast.
Batu tried to swallow saliva, but actually his mouth was as dry as a desert. Where could there be extra saliva to moisten his throat?
"This ….. ah" Batu said a word in a strange voice to me, and then he coughed.
I ignored him and looked down at these retreating spiders and found that they retreated in a very orderly way, as if something were directing them.
"Spider leader?" My heart suddenly woke up and looked where the spider leader had just been.

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