"What a man! I’ll let you meet today. You wait here!" Li Yun praised their last words and said

Later, Li Lian walked to the haystack’s sleeping naked white body, Janet, and asked them that Li Lian would bring Janet to play with them. Unexpectedly, Li Lian took out a cloak from the ring and gently put it on Janet’s face, and then she was as red as an apple and asked her to wait for him for a few seconds.
Then Li Xun just disappeared before everyone. Li Xun appeared in front of them in a flash. This time, there was an extra thing. It was a big thing with a hand as big as a pony, but it was not a pony, but a mountain sow. Li Xun ignored their expressions and smiled at them and disappeared again. Four times in a row, four big fat mountain sows were brought back.
When it comes to these four mountain sows, as soon as Li Lian locked in the area around Fiona Fang, he found this mountain mother cave to feed piglets, and then Li Lian’s flash power appeared. Before the mountain sow at the mouth of the cave attacked him, Li Lian just squeezed out a few tiny knives to hunt the mountain mother and let it move. Finally, he took it back to the big tree land.
Niu Ba Li Luan’s acupuncture method can also point animals to remind him whether he will get a fight against Xiaolong that day and whether it will have any effect. Looking at these four mountain sows, these four men’s faces turned to pig liver color, and Li Lian would let his woman ride for them. I didn’t expect Li Lian to bring four frightened mountain sows and ask them to ride behind them, or wait until they were killed and didn’t even have to touch them, let alone ride.
"My Lord, you’d better kill us. We won’t ride these wild pigs!" The four big men looked at the place behind the mountain mother hunting, which was not only fat, but also many small flies flying in the east and west.
"No, I haven’t seen such a play. If you don’t ride a sow, I’ll torture you and make you feel that way! Don’t believe it, do you? Ok, let everyone see you! "
After Li Xun finished speaking, the horse hit his acupoints with a small knife to make him laugh and laugh until his eyes were full of tears. He didn’t feel anything until he laughed for more than ten minutes, but Li Xun asked him to keep laughing and let his companions next to him think that they were dying. Still laughing here is a loss. They can laugh.
"You also laugh together!" Li Yun also said that the acupuncture points next to his three liquids were pointed out.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, don’t leave us alone!" They laughed and said
"Don’t want to laugh, just ride a mountain sow for me! Just now, I asked you to see if you have to perform for me, too. This will be fairer, right? " Li Yun said to them in a bad way
At last, Li Lian bullied them and finally rode the lovely sow. They were very unhappy, but after doing it for a while, they gradually felt like a virgin woman, but their faces wore a smile. Li Lian held a knife to kill them and gave them such treatment in the arms of a happy woman. Li Lian had done his utmost to them.
Looking at these four-body bodies, Li Xun thought about what they said, thinking about YY in his mind. Those thieves should grab a lot of gold coins. In the future, Li Xun, the overlord and entrepreneurial road, decided to rob the thieves in the forest. When he thought of this, Li Xun clapped his hands and said
"Just ask those cubs to rob them, which will give them some insight!"
Then Li Lian threw their bodies into the forest for those Warcraft to clean up. For these four mountain sows, Li Lian let them go back to their nests. He didn’t want to kill them, but those piglets would starve to death without milk. Li Lian untied their acupuncture points and let them run into the forest by themselves.
Li Yun gently picked up the sleeping beauty and flew to the big tree house to decide to turn this beauty in her arms into a master tonight … Who are those masters? You’re not a master trainer, are you?
Chapter ninety-one Get through the meridians
Chapter ninety-one Get through the meridians
This time, instead of training her, Li Lian decided to help her get through the meridian training meeting. Li Lian gave her the mental method. In recent days, Jeanna Sally has more energy and physical strength than usual, but her martial arts is much behind them. The reason is that Jeanna Sally is afraid of suffering and fatigue. Today, Li Lian decided to let her rise to a higher level.
Janet listened to Li Lian’s instructions and turned her body. All the important meridians of the filar silk qi body turned back to the original point, and then she sat naked in front of Li Lian. Li Lian transported the qi to the palm of her hand. First, Janet touched her body with two peaks, and then slowly touched her lower abdomen to the three fingers of her navel.
Li Yun touched Janessa and felt that the true qi in her body seemed to follow his palm, which made her feel uncomfortable, cold and itchy, and made Janessa feel distracted.
"Don’t be distracted. I’ll help you relax your meridians now, and then I’ll help you get through the second meridian and let you walk less, but you’ll still have to practice on your own in the future!" Li Yun said while touching Jeanna Sally’s smooth skin.
When I heard Li Xun’s words, Jeanna Sha recalled that Li Xun had given her a heart-to-heart approach, saying that her mind should be kept a little clear and quiet, and she gradually realized Li Xun’s true qi. At the same time, she was secretly carrying the true qi in Gongdantian with Li Xun’s true qi, and Li Xun’s true qi was harmonious, and she slowly cleaned, expanded and strengthened the meridians together.
Li Piao’s true qi, cleaning the meridians of Janet’s body, excreted the waste of Janet’s body from the pores of her smooth skin, and Li Piao’s true qi shook them to the forest outside the wooden house, dirtying this love hut.
"Wait a minute, it’s very painful and uncomfortable. You have to hold back and keep GV clear, you know? Otherwise, the work will be wasted before the meeting! " Li Yun is lightly on the front beauty said
"hmm!" Jeanna Sally replied with her eyes closed.
So Li Yun took back her hands and kept dancing methodically, and saw that there was a blue light in Li Yun’s hands. The aura of Li Yun near Fiona Fang kept gathering on the blue light surface of Li Yun’s hands. It seems that Li Yun was really angry and helped her get through the meridians with the help of natural forces.
When Li Lian’s palms were attached to Janessa’s skin again, a circle of air billow spread from the room and the wind blew the trees down one after another. Li Lian changed from palm to palm, referring to several important points of Janessa’s body, clicking and flapping from front to back, while Janessa Li Lian’s magic kept turning from the original site to face, and his face looked like he was in pain.
Every time Li Lian opens a meridian, a little blood runs out from the corners of her mouth. When Li Lian opens all meridians, Li Lian doesn’t collect work, but carries a stronger qi and reiki. She flies up with her hands and makes an initiation solution. She pours this powerful aura and qi from her hand into her body from the Tianling point of Jennifer Sally, and then slowly collects work and sits in the same place.
The governor’s second meridian has opened the damaged meridians of Janessa’s body, and Li Xun’s one mouthful of true qi has been restored. What remains is to ask Janessa to transport the true qi in the abdomen to the newly opened meridians and run it for ninety-nine days before receiving the true qi into the abdomen.
For a long time, Janina Sally slowly opened her eyes. At this time, her eyes were brighter than before, more charming and delicate. Naked skin was smoother than tender, as beautiful as a 19-year-old virgin. The couple on her chest must be more elastic than before. Her horse told Li Lian that there was poor power in her body and left a fragrant kiss on Li Lian’s face happily.
"Okay, okay, let’s go home now. If you practice martial arts well in the future, there won’t be many people who are your opponents!" Li Yun gently hugged her and said
"You are so kind to me. If it weren’t for that pervert, I would accompany you to do that every day," said Jenna Sally, ecstatic.
"What that is too abnormal condition? Don’t you know what passion is? That’s called passion, okay? Forget it. I’ll find a place where I don’t have that passion. Let’s go. Those children must be worried about us! " Li Yun smiled and played a pink agate with the pair of twin peaks naked in front of Jenny Nasha.
"Ah, pain! I hate it! " Jeanna Sally’s jade hand gently rubbed the spherical surface of the meat.
When St. Mary Demi and Lai Ai saw Li Yun and them coming back, I couldn’t believe that they hadn’t seen Janet for half a day. Now her skin is not only much whiter, but even those pores are too fine, and the sunshine is smoother than bright lines. It’s amazing! They thought to themselves, what did their boss do just now when he took Janet into the forest? You’re not giving her the essence of men, are you?
They thought in their hearts that Li Yun’s power has reached the divine stage, so those life essences in his face should be the best supplement. If they eat it, they will definitely be beautiful.
In this way, as soon as Janet appeared in front of these three women, the horse was dragged to the wooden house for interrogation. Finally, she was a little disappointed. It turned out that it was not what they thought, but Li Yi helped her get through some meridians. When she heard this, she was in a better mood. I believe that after getting through the meridians in the future, she will also achieve Janet’s appearance. The skin looks beautiful and the skin is a woman killer.
Li Xun smiled and shook his head at their actions and didn’t go into the forest again. This time, Li Xun didn’t go to fight mountain thieves or collect dragons, but went into the deep forest to find some snakes of Warcraft. Just now, he found that the knife gas could point the acupuncture points of Warcraft. For this discovery, he decided to find some snakes of Warcraft to do an experiment.
"If I didn’t guess wrong, the dragon should have evolved from a snake. If the knife gas can acupuncture the snake, there will be another countermeasure to deal with the dragon!" Li Yun while looking for the snake trace some said
When Li Cong entered the depths, he found a rustling sound in the dense forest. Li Cong-ma released the gods and found several large and long snakes on the surface of the tree several hundred meters away. These snakes are a bit like the giant condor heroes in the valley. They just have a head with a meat ball like a goose crown and two small horns in the middle.
This kind of snake Li Luan knows that the crown of the sixth-order magic snake venom in "Warcraft" is long, and the red crown of meat is where it hides the toxin. This toxin is very fierce and can corrode things with acid. The adult poison crown is more than 20 meters long and as small as 7 meters. It is to live in a tree hole and eat some birds and walking birds. For birds, the poison crown is their biggest enemy.
Li Lian appeared in the tree and looked up at it. The poisonous crown snake saw its long letter and kept swallowing. The yellow eyes of the triangular snake head kept staring at the tree. Li Lian slowly moved closer to Li Lian, and Li Lian gathered his fingers with his true spirit and waited for it to arrive!
When this 20-meter-long magic poison crown approached Li Lian less than 10 meters, Li Lian, a turning horse, popped up a knife gas at it, but it didn’t enter its body, making its hit body unconscious, but it could still move faster than just now. That place was hit by Li Lian’s knife gas method, but it still dragged its long body to attack Li Lian, and Zhang’s red-letter-spitting snake mouth just sprayed poison like a short arrow to attack Li Lian.
"His grandmother still move like this? It seems that it is necessary to launch a few more knives! " Li Yun found that he hit the place and stood firm and said
These cyan venom really slammed into the dead leaves and tree trunks, just emitting a little black smoke, and a large area was corroded and rotted. Li Yun flashed, and the venom was launched several times to penetrate its long body. Finally, the magic poison crown moved quietly, where was the long red letter constantly being swallowed?
"Haha, it turns out that we have to attack several places. It seems that this method really works!" Li Xun looked at the snake with a length of 20 meters and said.
Later, Li Tuo took out a small bottle and a dagger from the ring, pierced the snake head as big as an adult’s head and a poisonous crown as big as a fist, and then put the venom in a bottle to put it away. Fortunately, the venom didn’t melt the bottle. It seems that this magic stone is still very big, and it can hold some unexpected things. If it is a common stone and iron bottle, it will be corroded and worn out.
"I don’t know what effect these weapons will have? Will it corrode the weapons? Well, I have to study this well! " Knowledge in the 21st century requires Li Yun to filter these toxins to a certain concentration, so that weapons can be soaked.
I wonder if there are any poisonous weapons in this plane? If a large number of arrows are soaked in venom on the battlefield and then attack the enemy, even if they can’t shoot, they can kill the enemy if they hurt a little fur. However, people in the mainland of Senrdas all say that it is a knight and a gentleman to do these third-rate cheap things, but Li Yun doesn’t care about your chivalry. It seems that this big war is worth fighting.
"It’s time to deal with the dragon! I wonder how you will feel and effect after eating that seven-color fairy lotus? That’s great. I’m looking forward to …
Chapter ninety-two Nine Heaven and Nine Earth’s Shadows
Chapter ninety-two Nine cloudy days
Early this morning, Li Yun picked up the six cubs of Chiye Chiyang Chiyue Chixing Chichen from the bed and kicked them out of the wooden house to do morning exercises. After doing morning exercises, he threw them some dry food to eat and then went into the water to refine their knives. The three women, Saint Mary Demi and Lai Ai, were embarrassed to go to sleep when they heard that there was a piece of acrobatics outside. Although it was hazy in the early morning, their skin turned white as soon as possible, and they also got up to practice.
Li Yun first gave them some simple knife skills, then came to the lake with revenge blade on his back and looked at the shore of the lake as calm as a mirror. The seven-color lotus in the lake was still so beautiful and mysterious in the morning fog, and the seven-color lotus was still tightly connected regardless of whether the sun was shining or not.
Li Lian released the gods and carefully explored the bottom of the lake several hundred meters deep. Sure enough, the bottom of the seven-color lotus with a length of 500 meters was sleeping. When Li Lian’s spirit searched it, a pair of sleeping dragons, such as lanterns and blue-eyed horses, followed by tracking this god at the bottom of the lake.
Li Lian felt that this sacred object had discovered his divine knowledge, so the horse took back the weapon behind him and took it to his right hand. Looking at the lake, the morning fog was getting thicker and thicker, and he secretly thought that if you don’t make waves and fog, you will cover this seven-color lotus. It can be seen that some blindfolds can’t get up to him when you reach Li Lian’s state.
"Xiaolong will come to you!"
After Li Lian finished speaking, he stepped on the bottom of his feet step by step. "The Ultimate Magic" The ice realm really angered Li Lian. Every step on the water, his feet were covered with a thick layer of ice, leaving an ice bridge behind him all the way through the water.
The spirit of the dragon in the lake is too strong. When Li Lian stepped into the lake, the dragon had found Li Lian, so he swam to Li Lian like a snake in the water with a length of 500 meters. The speed was very fast. A huge wave with a height of 30 meters rushed to Li Lian on the lake surface, and behind the huge wave was the dragon.
"Finally appeared ha ha good this recruit waves swallow day tricks! If you put the war on the surface, you can devour the enemy ship. In the future, you will have to accept you anyway! " Li Yun stopped the lake ice with a famous knife in his right hand, quietly looked at this huge wave and smiled and said
"Hmm ~ ~" Niu Ming!
Behind the huge waves, the dragon shows like a dragon and looks like a lion’s head dumpling. The first blood dish makes a cow crow! Cow’s singing with a strong breath alarmed Saint Mary Demi and Lai Ai in the middle reaches of Fiona Fang’s hundreds of birds and animals. They also heard it very clearly and thought that their boss should fight the dragon as he said.
Hearing this call, Jeanna Sally got up in a hurry and walked out of the wooden house to look at the head of the mountain stream, wishing Li Yun a triumphant return as soon as possible.
In the face of this 30-meter-high wave, Li Xun’s gods tightly locked the dragon’s every move behind the wave, and then Zhang Ma bu’s stance on the ice was less than 100 meters long, chopping out hundreds of knives, each of which was more than 200 meters long and had the spirit of swallowing mountains and rivers, penetrating the 30-meter-high wave and freezing it into ice waves, and then it didn’t enter the water to penetrate the wave, that is, it turned into a vertical icicle.
One by one, huge, cold and intricately intertwined, they didn’t go into the lake, and they were skillfully woven together, slowly forming a big bird’s nest cage. Around the cage, there were many ice skates five meters long. After the bird’s nest cage covered the dragon in the water, Li Yun took the dragon before it broke.
"Drink to Lao Sheng!" Li Yun drank a lot and lifted his hands high and slowly on the ice level.
The powerful force Li Luan’s foot ice slowly expanded to the surface of the water, and the huge cage slowly rose from the lake. His grandmother finally saw the true face of Chu Jiaolong, which was more than 500 meters long, like a dragon scale, like a lion’s head with a dragon beard and as big as a warship, but it was much longer than a warship, with a tail and three wings of more than 530 meters.
The huge tail kept sweeping the ice skates several meters long in the ice cage. It turned pieces of ice into pieces and fell into the lake, which made Li Yun surprised and happy. Before it broke through the ice cage, Li Yun flew up with a knife and fell on the huge icicle surface. He kept chopping out one silver knife after another to the giant in the ice cage. The knife gas did not enter the giant dumpling, but it was still.
This dragon scale is too big and too strong for Li Lian to chop fifty knives in a row to suppress it. Looking at the bloody dumpling, inserting several skates into it made Li Lian feel a little sad. It suppressed this giant dumpling, and Li Lian laughed and kicked it to the shore of the lake with his feet. The huge ice cage landed on the shore, which overwhelmed a large forest and made Fiona Fang’s 100-meter forest frost.
"Ha ha, you are awesome. I don’t care if you are obedient. If you are willing to be my pet, I won’t kill you. If you are not willing to be my pet, I will kill you, and then I will dig out the magic crystal in your head." Li Yi said gently with his hand knife.
Li Lian waited for a while, but the dragon didn’t answer him, or the dragon couldn’t speak, and it was ignited by a powerful knife. Is it so good for Li Lian to lie quietly in the same place as a lantern and keep blinking his eyes?
Finally, Li Yun took out the leather cover "World of Warcraft" from the horse seat ring and rummaged through it constantly. Then he stopped to look at the middle page, and then haha, his hands and feet kept twisting and dancing on the ground.
It turns out that this page is to remember that every three-year-old child in the mainland can spell. This is the contract spell. It is a spell spell of Warcraft signing a contract. There are several kinds of spells. One is the slave curse, the friend curse, the life sharing curse and other slave spells. It is not so casual. The master’s strength must be stronger than that of Warcraft. Otherwise, it is life-threatening to refute it after the meeting unless that Warcraft is willing to be the slave of the other side!
"Don’t worry, I’m not a tyrant, just follow me. I’ll make sure you’re very popular and have a lot of whores!" Li Yun said beside the dragon’s head and ears
Whatever. Say a spell and sign a contract with it first!

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