As far as all the kings are concerned, the tall and burly Lord Dauar Presto suddenly released a flame shock wave, which is not simple. The shock wave contains ultra-high energy, and several dragon kings dare not be rigid.
Or, who have lived for many years, the ultimate strength of Azeroth, and who have few life-saving skills?
Method to judge this recruit is how to return a responsibility
I’m sure this is a terrible skill that even the four dragon kings can avoid sharp edges.
He changed after the earthquake in alexstrasza and Nozdom.
In front of every king, Presto’s head turned into a small black faucet, and his back propped up a pair of bigger and bigger wings, and his limbs became thicker and thicker.
Not only are the four dragon kings beside him also changing at the same time.
It’s getting bigger and scarier, and it’s almost beyond the reach of people’s close-range vision
It is foreseeable that in five seconds, the entire magnificent throne hall will be directly broken by these five horrible ancient dragons.
"Let’s go!"
I don’t see how Duke cast spells. The walls in the east, west, north and south in the hall were suddenly pierced by four huge icicles. These four smooth icicles are like a huge ice slide leading straight to the royal garden outside the hall.
Dai Lin, Magny and others jumped into the ice slide without hesitation and fled out smoothly.
Jean, Solas and antonidas hesitated and slipped out with others.
Only terenas …
Things changed so fast that he still couldn’t believe his eyes until this moment.
"Oh my God! What have I done? "
Yes, the nobles of the country are boiling with resentment
The land was burned down, and the king was almost captured, and formed an alliance, but he did not get that kind of influence.
In order to make up for all this, Terenas did not hesitate to offend its allies, but also tried to occupy Outlak by means of tricks, risking half of the alliance to oppose the main force of the African Union to forcibly impeach a foreign minister who had never really betrayed the alliance.
Then what did he get?
His beloved daughter didn’t listen to him and got mixed up with Duke, who had completely wooed him and failed.
He finished the letter and was willing to praise the fact that Lord Outlak was notorious and proved that the Red Dragon Army once fell to Neltharion, the death wing of the orcs.
That’s Neltharion!
Thousands of years have caused death and destruction, and I don’t know how many towns have been reviled and despised by all literati, historians and bards in the human world on several occasions.
Terenas method imagines how people will react when they know that they were almost benefited by Death Wing and entrusted Death Wing to the throne of King Otlank.
No! No way!
Today, the loss may be great, even if it costs more, the kings must be sealed as soon as possible, otherwise, when he is accused of colluding with the Death Wing, his alliance leader will not be mixed up.
Yes! I was also deceived by the death wing plot!
When Terenas finally completed the great achievement of "Plan Pass", he suddenly found that the plan he had just completed in his heart could be thrown into the gutter.
Because …
Alexstrasza, the queen of the red dragon, hit Neltharion with a stroke of a dragon’s tail, so she wanted to ascend to heaven. When Neltharion accelerated her flight, she died. It seems that I don’t know that Terenas forced the red dragon queen to shout "Neltharion-your end is here! Don’t turn into Lord Presto and hide in menethil so that we can’t find you! "
The roar is so loud and clear
Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians in Lordaeron, which was gathered because of the triumph ceremony, heard it.
"Wow, the king of menethil actually …"
No one can believe his ears, but the behemoth that is almost half the size of a town is true. Its wings roll like a cloud of fire, and when big wing vibrates, it fans out corrosive liquid like a little drizzle.
It’s an unremarkable droplet, but it’s more corrosive than terrible. These finely divided liquids will easily corrode the tile, wall, statue and ground after being sprinkled on the palace, not to mention human beings. If the creatures are so sticky, even the armor, skin and muscles will be instantly corroded. To be continued.
Chapter 65 Desperate Death Wing
The death wing just flapped its wings a few times, and the whole palace of Lordaeron was plunged into destruction.
This is still Malygos, who has been following Duke’s instructions to avoid the scope of battle waves too wide. Try to lock the scope of battle in the palace with a huge ring-shaped wind wall. If it weren’t for Malygos, it is likely that half of Lordaeron will be instantly purgatory.
"no! I didn’t do it! " Terenas had a nervous breakdown!
He imagined that the whole human world would revile Lordaeron after the sun rose.
In a trance, he seemed to have heard several voices saying, "Look! Terenas, the blind idiot, wants to hold the most evil black dragon as a noble king.
"No, no, no-"
Terenas’s staff has fallen to the ground in embarrassment. He waved his arms wildly and looked at the shattered throne hall. Countless rubble and rubble rained down.
Suddenly he has been held by Mograine and Abidis!
"Run away!"
I have to say that Mograine, the great Lord, is really a great loyal minister. His loyalty, courage and control are all lacking. Only then did Terenas suddenly feel a warm heart during the recovery.
But for a moment, when he found himself trying to escape by the ice slide made by Duke, he lost his temper again.
"No, I don’t want Duke stuff!"
Yes! He already hates Duke!
It was Duke who argued with him.
It’s Duke who doesn’t make it easy for him!
Is that Duke didn’t inform him earlier that Presto was Neltharion!
Well, he guessed a certain concept right!
But … That! Again! Such as! !
His escort of Hui Yue mage became a waste because a blue dragon king controlled the absolute magical elements around him, and all the wizards in the whole palace area became weak chickens except Malygos’ special back door Duke.
Mograine and Abidis are not gods and have no holy light [Holy Shield], except Duke, which is the survival channel, to have a second chance to live.
Don’t do anything!
Mograine and his wife don’t care so much. They just jump with Terenas.

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