This frightened Yi. She was in a hurry. She was carried into the boudoir and laid flat on the bed. It took a few times to stimulate the pavilion slightly before she woke up faintly. The first thing she said was, "Brother Yi, is it really you?"

"Yes, I’m my good pavilion. Brother Yi stopped crying and came to see you. Brother Yi would be distressed if he cried again." Yi said as he took out a paper towel to wipe her face.
Pavilion son finally convinced that it was not a dream to sit and hold Yi’s big hand sadly and tunnel "Yi’s brother misses you so much"
Easy tight tight hand review way "is easy to elder brother is not good this three years after the practice of closed delayed a few months when I didn’t come to see the pavilion son let pavilion son suffered so much injustice …"
Look at the pavilion and have to cry. He quickly shut up and said, "Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Seeing that you are crying has become a cat with a face. Let Fluttershy and them see it and not laugh at you."
"ah! Don’t look, don’t look. "Pavilion son put a hand over his little face, so he was embarrassed and urged," Brother Yi, close the door quickly. "
Yi Yi Yan turned to the room door pavilion but jumped out of bed like a ashamed person, ran a few steps and slammed the other side of Shimen.
She leaned against the Shimen, clutching her white and red face, and her heart was pounding like thousands of deer. At that time, she was confused and mixed with emotions.
"Pavilion … pavilion? What did you do? " Easy to clap a firm stone door and call for two
"Ah … brother Yi, you … wait for me to deal with one!" Pavilion son said in a panic, and then looked in the mirror and saw his little face like a flower cat. He was so ashamed that he panicked and said, "Ugly, ugly … how can I meet people!"
Yi waited for a long time to visit her boudoir, which has changed greatly, but she still didn’t see the pavilion coming out. She urged the two pavilions to beat Shimen shyly and came out with her hands wrapped around her skirts.
When she looked up and looked forward to seeing Yi Ke Yi, she burst into laughter and asked, "What kind of play are you playing?"
Will see pavilion, wearing a maid-in-waiting seems to pretend to describe the red mouth painted eye shadow painted eyeliner and white face with a layer of powder body is also fragrant abnormal a nondescript don’t blame Yi Le.
Pavilion son smell speech melody nowadays one or two little hands immediately cover your face and twist a head to run. Yi quickly grabbed her little arm and asked some questions before knowing how to dress up. This appearance is for yourself. Pavilion son said that it is like this to learn from others in the shadows. Those who like themselves are turned into this appearance. It is for easy to see.
Yi immediately washed off the heavy makeup on the pavilion’s face, and then laughed and avoided looking for some light topics to bring the two people closer to each other’s alienation and strangeness because they had not met for a long time.
The fourth volume Gan Kun copulation Chapter five hundred and thirty-five Chemistry laboratory
With the passage of time, the melancholy color of the pavilion’s brow gradually disappears, and the cold temperament gradually melts as if it were like an iceberg thawing. The shell is deliberately reinforced and the playful will be restored. When talking and laughing, the coquetry is particularly high.
The strangeness of each other vanished, and the two returned to their old familiarity and told each other about their experiences for several years.
In the past three years or so, except for Gong Yuetong’s contact with a group of female brothers, Tinger regularly walks in the secular world to learn about life, distinguish between good and evil, and increase her experience. There is no better place to meet people from all walks of life than Tianlong Villa, where good and evil people are mixed, industries are easy to see, people are eager to seduce, and the place where she goes the most is Tianlong Villa in Guangxi Province, where she ate a feast of armored animals last month and spent a lot of legal money.
In addition, Tinger did experiments to pass the time and practiced hard every day. The playful personality of the little girl seems to have disappeared since Yi left. Now Tinger has not been weak, reached the realm of refining and gasification, entered the avenue of alchemy, and returned to Yi to show something that made him greatly amazed.
From the speech, Yi also found that Tinger Gongwan Tong was very nervous. According to her, Gongwan Tong has been like a different person since he left three years ago. Sometimes he didn’t go home for three or five days, sometimes ten days and a half months at most, making Shayun Cave deserted for a while. From that harem, Gonger Gongwan Tong often recruited female brothers and didn’t know where to find Tinger. There were more and more seven years old, twenty years old and thirty years old, but there were not a hundred, and ten of them seemed to be possessed, which made Tinger angry and annoyed and even more reluctant to talk to her.
Now Tinger sometimes doesn’t say a word when she sees Gong Yuetong. She also complains that Gong Yuetong didn’t accompany her to sleep three years ago. Anyway, she doesn’t like everything about Gong Yuetong.
Easy to listen to these hearts, it seems that people are holding them tightly, and they feel very sad and have some remorse. I didn’t expect their NianLia to be so nervous now, which is unbelievable.
He kept his face still, but in his heart he wanted to solve the problem of consciously talking about the secular relationship between mother and daughter.
Over the past three years, many things have happened to Tinger, especially the change of heart, which has transformed her from a child into a girl worthy of the name. She will be shy, but she will not be obvious compared with the average person. When she is in skin contact, her body will tremble, and her hands will be cold, but then she will stubbornly hold on to Yi’s arms, palms and cheeks, revealing the girl’s unique faint red.
As time flies, Pavilion seems to feel that it’s easy to get close enough, and there’s a sense of distance. Just like three years ago, Pavilion sits on his leg, leans against his generous chest, hugs his neck, shakes his delicate feet from time to time, and blinks his beautiful eyes. When he speaks, he seems to be like a lark, and his voice is crisp and sweet, but Pavilion’s small hands are not as unbridled as before. Before changing, he has to lift his clothes and touch his body as soft as cotton skin. This is a long-term habit for Pavilion, and a hobby has already risen.
Now it has been enough for her for more than 1000 days and nights. I don’t think about my brother and father. My brother Yi can’t wait to recall his horse to his side, especially lying in the boudoir bed every night. I hope that my brother Yi will surprise her and suddenly appear on the pillow.
It’s a pity that after a night of looking forward to it, there are crystal tears, and the pillows and beds specially left by the bedside are always angry ..
Easy to see two pillows on the bed and ask the pavilion, "Isn’t it practical to have no one to sleep with you now?"
The pavilion’s hands are tight, the mouth is tight, the beautiful eyes are complicated, and there is a longing face and some shyness. I just want to prove that I have grown up, but the horse’s eyes have turned around. "Yeah, this problem has never been changed. People think about Yi Brother every night …"
"Ha ha someone accompany you to sleep? Pavilion, can you have two pillows in your bed? Are your sisters with you every day? "
Pavilion son quickly said, "I won’t let anyone in this room except you and your mother. My mother hasn’t slept with me for more than a year. Now I leave my bedside position every day when I want to sleep, thinking about my brother Yi … hug me, think about it, and my body is like a ball of neck. It’s like there are arms on my body and arms around my arms are warm …" In the end, it has become a talking tone.
This is not a fantasy, but a self-hypnosis. This person should not be enchanted for a long time. It is easy to hear that his nose is sour and he advised, "Don’t do this after the pavilion. It is harmful to the brain. Brother Yi doesn’t want you to do this."
Tinger asked in a hopeful tone, "Brother Yi, can you still hug others to sleep?"
"Pavilion son now grow up into a big girl …"
Pavilion charming body vigorously moved the avenue in protest. "I don’t care if I didn’t grow up, I still remain the same as my previous generation!" "
"Also said that you didn’t grow up and look at yourself …" Yi pinched her pink cheek eyes with her right hand and motioned for her to look at her chest.
Pavilion son looked down at her chest slightly bulging like a small apple, which made her face fly with two hongxia flowers and hit her shoulders hard, but her mouth shut. "Who hasn’t seen you when I was a child … you …" But Ma Qiang endured the shame and said, "I don’t care if you are all seen, I still have to watch the fire-breathing dragon dragon to make up for it in recent years."
It’s easy to think of the confused thing before. It’s a bit embarrassing to hurriedly say, "Okay, okay, let’s not talk about this."? The wall is open, too. What’s inside? Where are those bottles and jars in your house before? There is also a living standard made of metal. Take it out and let me see. "
"Change the subject and cut you some slack …" The pavilion snorted, but it was easy to ask about the itching spot. The beautiful eyes burst into a look and temperament, and suddenly it was different. Pulling hands and walking to the shek mun, I gently pushed the axis of the shek mun to rotate for half a circle.
After the two entered, the pavilion pushed the Shimen horse to rotate again, and the light shone gently on the top of the head. It is easy to remember that this used to be a hiding room, and the place became smaller and obviously transformed. He looked at everything in amazement. It can be 20 square meters in size. On the left is the bathing area, and on the right is the dressing area, and there is an exquisite locker. A cupboard door is open and there are two sets of strange clothes hanging inside.
Pavilion son introduced here is a place to change clothes and take a bath. Every time you finish the experiment, you have to disinfect it, otherwise you will leave the bacteria in the boudoir and suffer before you go.
Pavilion son went to the locker, took out a set of bright white clothes and handed it to Yi with a mask. When he had to wear it, he hit another stone gate and went in. Suddenly, this famous chemical laboratory room surprised Yi, and then Pavilion son gushed and introduced it.
This chemical laboratory is easy to visually inspect, with more than 200 square meters, and there are several areas. On one side, the test counter is covered with bottles and cans, and there are all kinds of test tubes filled with various colors of liquids, which are bubbling. On one side, there are strange animals trapped in cages, and the area is rippling with obscure energy gathering but not scattered like a complex array; On one side, there is a small high table with a Dan furnace and a divinatory mirror hanging on the wall, and a handle like a baked sword is inserted upside down, showing orange color and emitting hot breath; On the other side, there is a small rectangular crystal booth with strange things, such as metal, wood, stones, glass tubes filled with liquid and seemingly magical things.
According to Tinger, in the first two years, she decomposed and dissolved all kinds of materials and then combined them together to produce a series of chemical reactions, which can also form unique materials. After many studies and experiments, she made many good things, which is extremely interesting for her. It is more interesting than playing games. It has become a hobby to fiddle with these cold, hot or mild liquids every day. Every time she tries to make a difference, she feels a sense of accomplishment.
Over the past year or so, her research on living things has made the sisters and brothers catch some small insects or animals every time they go out and come back, and they have studied and killed her hands. There are countless small animals
If you want to ask her, when she was a child, she was ignorant of poisonous insects and poisons in the mountains. She was in distress several times, and she was extremely disgusted. Later, when she saw those poisonous insects and poisons, she had to vent her anger and give her a "fool-like" magic weapon to kill those annoying things. She regularly cleaned up around Shayun Cave, which was called cleaning.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter five hundred and thirty-six Live worm live liquid
For people, Tinger can’t bear it now, but for creatures other than human beings, especially insects, she can be said to be ruthless and disinfested.
I remember that when Yi Chu came to Baimo Mountain Pavilion, several insects were caught in the "strange whirlpool", and she hovered in the whirlpool together. The feeling of being covered with insects was particularly horrible. She didn’t dare to touch the insects for several months, and then she floated with the goose bumps. Later, she gradually protested from fear to hate that she had to step on or kill after seeing them, otherwise her mood would be difficult to calm down.

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