Can be connected to a scene that almost didn’t surprise two dog. Seeing Tian Huili’s fragrance is too thin. Even the library has been sucked away by the sophisticated terrorist palm. Now she is naked and full of horror. She wants to open her mouth to ask Pi two dog for help, but the strong airflow has blocked her nose and mouth. She can’t open her mouth to talk!

"Pear fragrance!" Pi two dog was surprised to find that Tian Huili Xiang involuntarily pounced on the smelly nose road. He reached out to pull the goods at once, but he found that he would be involved in the explosive airflow if he stretched out his hand!
You have to hold your breath to keep your balance.
Anyway, Tian Huili’s fragrance has been collected by the road. This guy has taken root in situ and seems to be unmoved.
Qiu Qing emperor came with his eyes closed and suddenly saw a smooth woman sucking in. Suddenly, he was scared like seeing a ghost. Suddenly, Tian Huili’s fragrance was shot back and flew out. Seeing that the fragrance of pear was going to hit the wall like a shell, two dog spelled out the divine power and reached out to pick it up.
"Boss, run, run!" Tian Huili Xiang was shy and went into the room to dress.
"What, that’s what an old nose can do? He can’t suck me. Why should I run?" This guy secretly carried the divine power to the palm of his hand, and suddenly he took advantage of the airflow to pump cold and gave Qiu Qingdi a tooth-breaking punch!
This tooth-breaking fist is vigorously pounded with one thousand pounds!
But there are no eggs!
Qiu Qingdi’s front teeth didn’t collapse, and at most they wore out a piece of mouth.
But finally drove smelly nose road took a step back!
It was this step that scared Qiu Qingdi’s face and shocked him. "Measure the Buddha’s skin, two dog. Oh, Nima, do you have divine power?"
"Measure your mother, I have no magical power!" Pi two dog installed a comparison.
"Eat my big Saman palm!" When you see the stinky nose, you hit your palms and put up two orchid fingers! A more powerful and explosive terrorist cyclone enveloped Pi two dog in the blink of an eye.
Pi two dog immediately took root in situ in an attempt to support the statue by divine power.
But he underestimate that horrible attraction of the great Samana’s palm!
Two-way cyclone, his clothes are just like Tian Huili’s fragrance, and they turn into a pile of junk and are sucked away by the palm of the Great Shaman!
Meow a pear fragrance. That’s right. This smelly old man is really a killer! If he wants to, he can let you report to the Yan family in an instant.
Pi two dog didn’t want to follow in the footsteps of pear fragrance and see that his clothes were almost stripped off. This guy was in a hurry. It turned out that he was equipped with healing powder. After touching a pack of powder from his body, he suddenly jumped in front of Qiu Qingdi and put the powder on the old eye.
Qiu Qingdi has been recruited!
Smelly nose road was blinded by powder, and then he wanted to suck people. He couldn’t see it, and he couldn’t suck skin any more. two dog saw this old living room stumbling and sucking a palm here and there, and he was so angry that he swore, "Oh, Nima Pi two dog, you don’t want a face-to-face. What kind of hero is this three bad means?" Ah, I can’t see it! "
See Qiu Qing emperor so mess skin two dog laughed eyeing the opportunity to kick the smelly nose road out of the door.
However, Pi two dog knows that the powder is not toxic. If Qiu Qingdi wants to find the tap and wash his eyes, it will be better. He will catch it and even get away.
So he went back to his room to dress with Tian Huili Xiang, and put the rope from the window through a professional escape rope to bind both of them firmly, slipping from the tenth floor to the broken window on the seventeenth floor, and both of them ran away with oil on their soles.
In this way, Tian Huili is fragrant with pickup trucks and the boss Pi two dog is rushing to the ground of Baiyang Town. She is afraid that Qiu Qingdi will kill her and come out with a hundred yards of high-speed overtaking, which also causes abuse.
At 11: 30 in the afternoon, he appeared in the office of the beautiful mayor Wan Shanhong.
Wan Shanhong was surprised to see two dog in such a mess. "What’s wrong with you, two dog?"
Chapter 217 Wan Shanhong surprised.
Pi two dog didn’t talk, grabbed Wan Shanhong’s thermos cup, screwed it and gulped it with a mouthful. "Don’t let an old man with a smelly nose hunt it down these days, even to avoid the limelight in the village!"
The secret Tian Xiaoxia a face don’t believe that "the elder brother of the dog can’t? That two-meter troll has lost his temper because of you. Are you so afraid of him? "
"This old man with a bull’s nose is Qiu Qingdi, the founder of Shaman’s palm. This man is nicknamed Desperate. The boss of Yan can draw with him, and he is already a master among the masters!" Tian Huilixiang said this to Pi two dog. Actually, the two sides haven’t really slammed the skin yet. Can two dog resist Qiu Qingdi’s horrible palm? Now it can’t be decided. When Qiu Qingdi makes his palm cite two cyclones to attack, Pi two dog still has a chance to strike back. It’s hard to say whether it’s a dead deer or a dead deer.
Qiu Qingdi?
Wan Shanhong and Hotan Xiao Xia are small local nerds. It’s the first time I’ve heard about this Qiu Qingdi title. Look at me. I’ll look at you with a blank face.
"two dog, you really shouldn’t go to any second-generation birthday dinner, but our strength is far from strong enough. It is not wise to make enemies with the rich and powerful families in the city!" Wan Shanhong is a I am hello posture way.
"Yes, the elder brother of the dog this time you finally met your opponent! I can’t believe that Qiu Qingdi is so hanged that even the dog brother is afraid of three points haha! " Tian Xiaoxia suffered a loss when she saw Brother Dog fighting for the first time. Do you want her experience?
"Sister Wan is right. It’s better to keep a low profile!" Pi two dog secretly pondered that the immortal spirit that was used to treat diseases in the previous period was further strengthened. The immortal spirit can be strengthened in direct proportion to his optimism about patients. The more patients are optimistic about, the more seals are nourished, and the more mana is delivered. The more energetic and powerful the corresponding immortal spirit is, the weirder it is, but there is still no movement. There has been no great progress.
What’s going on here?
It seems that there have been many fights in recent months, and several strongmen have been confronted. It is reasonable that the more fights he has, the more divine power he should have!
How come there is no change in the same place? What’s the problem?
It’s not a good idea to deal with first-class masters, but once you meet a super-class master like Qiu Qingdi, he will have a little trouble!
Someone wants to ask Pi two dog, isn’t there a horrible heavenly teacher’s seal?
For example, Zhao Tu, the bully in Da Nai Village, was cured into a half-idiot by his magical seal.
What will happen if you seal a chapter on Qiu Qingdi’s forehead with Shen Xiao?
There are no eggs!
Qiu Qing Di’s super-strong body has the overbearing Yang Gang to protect the God Xiao Seal, not to mention taking his soul. Maybe he can smash the God Xiao Seal into pieces with one effort, which will be very interesting!
In front of the super-class experts, Pi two dog didn’t even dare to try!
God Xiao Yin, this baby pimple is gone, and he has no ability to copy it.
The only way to defeat Qiu Qingdi is to do everything possible to strengthen his physical power.
How can the eye strengthen the divine power? two dog still can’t find a way out.
This guy really realized that he is not invulnerable or a natural enemy in fighting!
At this time, the sofas of both sides are seated, and two dog has something on his mind to sit on. It looks like a dull Wan Shanhong. There are many things to say, and I don’t know how to say it for a while.
The office atmosphere is a little dull or Tian Xiaoxia has a wink. She just called Tian Huilixiang out, which means to be alone with them.
"two dog Wang Xingyan secretly helped us to cancel the pilot project of Dani Village Cooperative Society, that is, she was in her early days, and oh, this woman was a little hostile to me and kept tripping me over these two days. Suddenly, I stopped talking and said hello with a smiling face! This … the sun is coming out in the west? " Wan Shanhong break the silence way
See wan Jie a face of Meng than skin two dog don’t hide to spill the beans, "wan Jie Wang Xingyan is an enemy or a friend, I tell you a person you do a good job of secrecy is like this-"When he put Wang Xingyan such as a sudden heart attack, such as a mistake, such as saving her life, and then Wang Xingyan came clean about secretly doing business with him.
Smell speech Wan Shanhong is a look like this. "No wonder you solved the medical disturbance in hospitals with one word. So you are calling Wang Xingyan! That was a close call. It’s a good thing you saved her life. Otherwise, Zhang Ji was ready to go to the event and transfer me! "
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