But there is a ready-made credit for his head. This guy looks after the collar and looks modest. "Sister Wang is a reward for doing so!" There is also the problem of dividing villages. Sister Wang will secretly support us! "

"By the way, the day before yesterday, you said that you set a small goal, that is, take the leather cannon from the village chief! Then you will be the village head? " Wan Shanhong looked at him with a face of Meng than way
"Why do I want to be a village head? But I do have this small-eye village cannon. It’s overbearing. The village deceives men and bullies women. The root is an old local ruffian and an old village bully! What he thinks about every day is how to make money, how to live for the villagers, and he doesn’t care! When this person is the village head, 90,000 villagers in Da Nai Village are unfortunately also a disaster for everyone! " Pi two dog angrily criticized.
"Leather cannon this person I also think he can’t when the village head! The problem is that this old Liu Mang is a distant relative of Zhang Ji, and it is estimated that it will be difficult to remove his village chief’s big hat if he doesn’t push it from the surface! Have you forgotten who Zhang Ji’s father-in-law is? "
"Now can’t take it off doesn’t mean can’t take it off? Besides, the eye is to enter the stage of dividing villages. First, divide half of his territory. If the village head can’t manage that much, he will lose half of his population! If so, it is estimated that the leather cannon will be angry enough! " I want to be happy when I think of the leather cannon and fly into a rage.
Wan Shanhong suddenly snorted and frowned. "two dog, at this point, Wang Xingyan suddenly had a heart attack on your couch hotel, and then because you saved her life, she suddenly turned to give some favors. What do you think is it possible that she came to your camp to be undercover?"
"Elder sister, that’s a good question! Is it really possible? The key is the climax of medical treatment, so she will die. She has a sudden heart attack on my couch. This sister Wang may really be an undercover! " After Wan Shanhong woke up, Pi two dog felt that something unusual was happening. There must be a demon. Don’t get too close to this Wang Xingyan.
"If she is undercover, then she certainly doesn’t really help us in this village?" Wan Shanhong has two main roads in one head.
"Well, she shouldn’t be able to get a ghost village. This is a secret exchange between my business and her!" He this goods throw a big bang way
"ah? Secret exchange two dog, you are quick to tell you what is going on? " This beauty mayor is really more and more impressed with two dog. Facts have proved that she bet on him. This cargo is not wrong. She didn’t see the wrong person. She wants to skin two dog. Baiyang Town will get better and better every day!
"I have four trump cards in my name: fate food, Cynomorium maru, fate notoginseng and fate wine. Of course, she said she would go back and consider one! " Wang Xingyan said that considering Pi two dog felt that there would be no suspense because Wang Xingyan could make a lot of money even if he took thirty percent!
"His village head candidate? Who is your candidate? " Wan Shanhong, this is quite a surprise.
Chapter 21 Liu Yan News
"Sister Wan, you don’t know. My candidate is wang hong!" Pi two dog methodically watched Wan Shanhong way
"What wang hong petticoats? ! She is now the leader of the village of Da Nai Group and a small teacher in the village. So you guys have seen her! The girl has a good eye. I heard that she came to the provincial capital. Her family background is very mysterious. But at first glance, everyone who pursues her has a train wagon. How did you two become? " Hearing the name wang hong petticoats, Wan Shanhong somehow felt sour in his heart, but on second thought, two dog’s strength, he wanted to find a better-looking person, which was a shame.
"Well, to tell the truth, Sister Hongshang set a threshold for me, that is, let her be the village head after the village is divided!" He didn’t hide what he said in front of the mayor.
Smell speech Wan Shanhong a clap a thigh way "no wonder! So many people chased her and refused. It turned out that she wanted to be an official! But it’s strange that many people in a small village head can do it. She just likes you when she chooses you. "
"Elder sister, you don’t know? Wang hong Shang wants to be the head of Da Nai Village. Don’t ask her to be her and she won’t go! "
"Oh that don’t say she has special feelings for big nai village may experience with her! However, after the village is divided, there are two village heads. Zhang Ji is listening to Wang Xingyan’s support for you. That’s not a big problem! " Wan Shanhong tone is a bit sour, she forced a smile but thread in my heart.
"Sister Wan, it seems that it’s great that you also support wang hong!"
Their Wan Shanhong JiaoChen way "you this little your name I must support? But she’s your horse. What about me? What is it? " Said Wan Shanhong is eagerly looking at skin two dog.
"ah? Sister Wan, to be honest, I like you very much, but I can’t choose one. " Pi two dog plays the fool and fully distracted, saying, What’s the matter with this? Who told you to reveal such a big secret? Isn’t this a hornet’s nest? Now is the point of dividing villages, but we must not turn Wan Shanhong into an enemy.
"You are a horse and not your daughter-in-law. If you two are not married, I still have a chance, right?" Wan Shanhong said that wang hong’s skin is so white, so beautiful, and her temperament is so outstanding. Every move exudes the unique upbringing of a big family. Her family must be well-known. What about two dog? He was born in a poor family and wanted to marry wang hong’s family. Seven times out of ten, he couldn’t!
Wan Shanhong was relieved when he thought of this. When he looked at two dog, there were waves of eyes in his beautiful eyes.
"Sister Wan, you are so beautiful!" At some point, he caught Wan Shanhong’s beautiful lines, and his lips hugged each other and kissed him for several minutes. Before you know it, Wan Shanhong couldn’t help but feel the longing for love when his abdomen was hot.
Where’s Pi two dog? He’s a flame, too. He’s got a lot of wind and rain.
Wan Shanhong is know that he has allergic disorder can’t help but be discouraged. "two dog, have you come out of the second generation of Cynomorium songaricum pills? I’m … I don’t feel well. Can you help me? "
"No, no! The last thing that Wan Jie wants to divide the village is the leather cannon. We must be prepared for a long-term struggle, and even if the leather cannon agrees to divide the village, how to divide it is a big problem! "
"Want Wang Xingyan to agree that leather cannon is nothing, and he can still twist his arm over his thigh again? But this is an old scoundrel and slippery. Be careful not to let him play tricks in the dark! "
"Well, I know! If Sister Wan has nothing to do, I will go back to the village first! " Two dog got up and didn’t forget Wan Shanhong before he left.
Wan Shanhong gave him a charming look. "By the way, after the explosion of anti-fate wine in two dog, dealers came to order every day. Everyone urged us not to ship a new crop of anti-fate rice and sorghum. When will it be harvested?"
"It is estimated that it will take ten days to plant one hundred mu this time! Plus one month, the brewing period can be up to one month, and a new batch of wine can be released! "
"ah? How can the dealer deal with it for such a long time? I can’t sleep because those people can’t get the goods! Two dog, please help me do something! " Wan Shanhong a pleaded.
"Sister Wan, this is your business. Haha, goodbye!"
Pi two dog laughed and went out with Tian Huili Xiang Deng Deng Lou. I didn’t expect the building to see a charming figure flash out. I dragged two dog into a private room. two dog stunned and saw that it was not others but Tian Xiaoxia. "Brother Dog, you saved the life of Mayor Wan and mine the day before yesterday. I said I would reward you, didn’t I?"
Huh? He patted his thigh and remembered, "Xiao Xia did this. So how are you going to reward me?"
"Brother Dog, what do you want?" Said Tian Xiaoxia, looking at Pi two dog with longing for love.
Two dog saw her showing off her amorous feelings and joked, "I want to see if your department is ok?"
"Just look?" Tian Xiaoxia still wants to be fully committed. Recently, I don’t know how to make her sleep, dream or work during the day. There is always a tall figure in her heart. The owner of that figure is not others but Pi two dog! She also wondered, am I in love?
"Just look!" Pi two dog said that Xiao Xia is only twenty years old. It is a girl who looks best when it is too late. But he also said that Tian Xiaoxia would really take him to take off your coat.
"is there nothing else?" Tian Xiaoxia’s pure big eyes fly fly so fast that his bones are numb.
"No, if I did, I would die a natural death!"
"Brother Dog, that’s not what I mean. I mean … you can be bolder!" Tian Xiaoxia said this, the peach blossom cheek is like a bride.
"Is Xiao Xia true or false?"
"Really? Did I lie to you when I was shrimp? But you always lie to me! " Tian Xiaoxia JiaoChen way
"If it’s true, will you let me have a look first?" This guy was so anxious that he said, Oh, my God, Tian Xiaoxia won’t be looking at me, will she? If this is true, then I have to leave quickly and I can’t take people into the ditch.
"Dog brother, I like you. You can watch it if you want!" Said Tian Xiaoxia divided by three by five is to expose the secret before two dog.
"Oh my god, are you serious? !” Looked at him this cargo is surprised to stare big eyes staring at Tian Xiaoxia body watching nosebleeds are flowing out.
"Brother Dog, come and kiss me!" Tian Xiaoxia was so shy that she put her little hand over her little face and secretly watched his reaction through her fingers for fear of his jokes.
When Pi two dog saw Tian Xiaoxia’s seriousness, he immediately felt the dog’s head and heart. If Wan Shanhong knew it, it would make her a great enemy. Seeing that it was not something, this guy turned and walked to the door and threw a sentence, "Xiao Xia, I have something urgent in my village. Bye!"
Tian Xiaoxia has closed his almond eyes, waiting for his goods to find delicious food. I never thought this guy would run away from chicken.
Seeing him escape, I was so angry that Tian Xiaoxia wiped her tears and dressed and ran out to see that two dog had long since disappeared! Suddenly she sat and burst into tears.
Hui Lixiang, the person in charge of the village road, couldn’t help but speak, "Is there something the boss doesn’t know when to speak improperly?"
"Well, tell me!"
"Hey that I speak! You know that Tian Mi didn’t work out with her. Why did you bother her? She is only twenty years old, and she is very serious about feelings. Maybe she will commit suicide. Boss, do you think about the consequences? " Tian Huili sweet big dissatisfaction way
"Pear fragrance, you look down upon Tian Xiaoxia. She is a secret servant. Oh, the servant is not as weak as you think! You can’t think too much about suicide! " Pi two dog’s heart says what’s wrong with this pear fragrance? Isn’t it too wide for her?
"Boss, I’m an immature opinion." Maybe Li Xiang saw the boss with a democratic face and shut up quickly. She said to her heart, Oh, my God, why did I get kicked out by the boss for being a bitch again?

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