It was not until a monkey who claimed to be the Monkey King appeared in front of Lu Yu that he realized that he had come to the Westward Journey World, and that humanity was fighting for the secrets of the Dragon Westward Journey and the separation of heaven and earth.

The first chapter crossing
In the middle of the night, everything is quiet in the mountains, and dark clouds cover the sky, and the wind rustles in the dense jungle.
A thin boy slowly opened his eyes by the roadside of Hanshan Mountain.
The teenager’s age is not handsome, his face is faintly white, he is dressed in a gray gown that has been washed a little white, and he is carrying a wooden box behind him. At first glance, he is a mountain walker.
"Whoo, where am I?" Liu Yu touched his dull pain forehead to himself.
"It’s so sad that this wine can’t be drunk like this anymore!" After saying this, he found that his environment suddenly started up in a cold sweat, and there were still some dizzy brain transients to wake up.
"Where is this? I am not drunk and sent to the dormitory! " A middle-aged man in the 21st century entertained himself in the workplace. After drinking, he was in a daze and remembered that he did arrive at the dormitory. But who can tell him what he would be like in such a wild place?
At this time, he found that his beer belly had gradually grown up and disappeared. Looking at his body carefully, Liu Yu came to an amazing conclusion.
"I am crossing!" Being a person deeply influenced by online literature, he reacted at the first time and was deeply afraid after that.
He doesn’t know if this is a joke or a pure coincidence, but he has come to his senses. He knows very well that if he doesn’t take some actions in such an environment, death may be his end.
I don’t think much about it. Lu Yu got up and walked straight along the mountain road. He didn’t know what it would be to meet him, and he didn’t know what the world was like. The only thing that can be sure is that it should be an ancient background of China. This body dress told him this.
The wind blew through Lu Yu’s thin body and made him shiver involuntarily. From time to time, wild animals roared in the mountains, and fear was like a poisonous snake biting his heart and forcing him to try his best to move on.
Just when Lu Yu’s mood was about to collapse, a glimmer of fire appeared in a distant place, warming his heart that had been filled with fear.
This ray of lights is so warm that Lu Yu greedily looks at the distant fire. For him, this is the hope that Lu Yu will go straight to the fire site without any hesitation.
In the dark, people’s thoughts will be amplified, and they may be stretched in a very short time. Lu Yu has this feeling now, feeling that he has been gone for a long time, but his goal is still far away.
The roar of wild animals in his ear accelerated Lu Yu’s pace. Through a dense jungle, a dilapidated ancient temple appeared in front of him. The original grand temple gate of broken walls had collapsed, and the dense weeds grew and the plaque hung high like a human being. It was also dilapidated, and a blue word could be vaguely distinguished.
When you walk into the temple gate, you see a hall that is also dilapidated. Even the once mighty and magnificent statues have collapsed. Only the head tells passers-by that it is a Buddha statue, and the bonfire is quietly burning next to the Buddha statue.
By the campfire sat a strange man with a seemingly immature face, a thick beard, a pair of big eyes and a strange affairs box behind him.
Perhaps it was because of meeting someone that Lu Yu felt that her body was loose, her eyes were black and she didn’t know anything.
Lu Yu made a long Mengmeng. He was a cautious clerk in the workplace for a while, a cold window to study hard, a masked smiling face in Vanity Fair for a while, and a diligent look from his parents.
In the dream, he couldn’t tell whether he was the middle-aged man who hung out in vanity fair all day or the high-spirited young man.
Contradictory ideas flooded his mind, making him have a splitting headache and want to yell.
Just when Lu Yu felt that her brain was about to tear, a cool breath came in from the outside.
This coolness made him please the confused thoughts in his brain, so that he could meditate on his situation carefully and recall everything in his mind carefully. Then he suddenly realized that flattery and wearing a mask were Lu Yu’s achievements in studying hard at the cold window, and it was also Lu Yu.
This thought seems to have a light together. From the sea of the heart, generate’s world flashed a light. In this warm light, the memory from the earth and the memory from this world merged into one.
Actually, Lu Yu has already crossed it, but it is a pity that her young body has a huge memory, so she has never been able to remember it. Because of this, Lu Yu has always had amazing words since she was a child, and she was suddenly ill during her study tour, which aroused memories in the depths of her dusty soul.
After the memory fusion, Liu Yu no longer felt the uncomfortable feeling before, but felt that her body was full of vitality and she slowly earned it with her eyes closed.
At this time, everything in the ruined temple came into view again. It was still the warm flame and the strange boy. I don’t know that Lu Yu was at ease at this time.
"Thank you for letting Lu Yu be!" Liu Yu naturally saluted the young man and said
"You’re welcome. My name is yan dan and I’m a swordsman!" The boy’s voice is full of masculine flavor, but Lu Yu has never seen his sword.
Lu Yu talked with two people and found that yan dan was particularly speculative. His bold words were full of youthful vigor. Lu Yu had two world experiences and a wide range of knowledge. He could talk about anything.
Just when they were Tan Xing, yan dan suddenly pulled his mouth and smiled and said, "Brother Lu doesn’t know that you can trust ghosts and gods?"
This abrupt topic made Liu Yu involuntarily leng leng and didn’t know how to answer.
At this moment, Lu Yu discovered that the rustling sound suddenly came from outside the ruined temple, as if there was a python crawling on the grass outside, and its maw was ready to choose a person, and the fear from the depths of the soul made Lu Yu full of goose bumps.
Black branches resembling poisonous snakes slowly crawled around the ruined temple, scattering mottled shadows against the fire.
"Wait for so many days finally willing to show up! Uber, I’ll see where you run this time! " Yan dan looked at the scene outside the temple without fear, but happily said.
"Brother Lu, wait a moment. Let’s have a good talk when I behead this demon!" Say that finish also didn’t wait for Liu Yu reaction quickly rushed to the outside of the temple.
Liu Yu gawk yan dan far back full of doubt don’t know and who to say.
He didn’t expect that he would see the evil spirit on the first day when he crossed over. To tell the truth, he still had a little excitement in his heart.
Chapter II Flying Sword to Break Evil
Lu Yu sat quietly around the bonfire, and there was no sound outside as if everything just happened was a dream.
Just then a figure appeared outside the door.
This is a very beautiful girl, even for Lu Yu, a well-informed person on earth, this woman can rank numbers.
She was dressed in a gorgeous satin dress, and her thin clothes set off her graceful figure, and her charming eyes were full of charm.
"Can this servant rest here for a while?" The girl sounded like a lark.
Looking at this beautiful woman with delicate and touching words written all over her face, Liu Yu’s heart is fluctuating. To tell the truth, if he hadn’t walked for so long on the mountain road, he really couldn’t think of anyone who could keep a beautiful dress and not be stained with the slightest dust in this wilderness, either fairy or demon.
"But this temple is not my home!" Although Lu Yu realized that something was wrong with the girl, he still decided to follow the play, otherwise if the demon became angry from embarrassment, it would not be worth the loss.
Although the woman was a little surprised by Lu Yu’s answer, she still sat beside Lu Yu.
At this moment, Lu Yu seemed to feel a kind of deep malice, as if he were staring at the whole body with a hungry tiger.
This is from the soul alarm and because Lu Yu is such a keen intuition because of the fusion of two souls.
"Are you a little cold? I seem to be shaking all over!" The woman slowly approached Liu Yu while talking.
"The girl asks for self-respect. Lu is a righteous man. The barren hills and mountains also ask the girl to love herself!" Lu Yu tried his best to suppress the fear in his heart while adding drama to his madness.
"What kind of woman is my concubine who doesn’t know how to love herself? It’s really that my mother died young and my father beat and scolded my little girl at every turn after she married the second wife. I think Mr. Lang is an honest and reliable person, and that’s why I came up with the idea of recommending a pillow mat. I hope you won’t abandon me and rely on me to have pity on me so that my little girl can have a place to live."

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